Winkwhite Fruitamin Soap Review

December 31, 2016

I would like to let you know about this new soap bar by Wink White, a brand from Thailand. It's a soap that consists of 6 glutasoap variants and has whitening effect along with other benefits. Fruitamin Soap's ingredients are including Gluta, Fruits, Vitamin and Glutathione and each ingredient is represented at each color on the soap bar

The product can be used for both face and body. Simply wet your face or body and rub the soap on your skin till it's lathered and wait for 2-3 mins before rinsing it off. You can see immediate effect from this product. The product is very pretty and colorful

I will talk about each ingredients and also the benefits of them

🍅  Tomato : Tighten pores, Protecting skin from UV, Smooth Effect
🍊 Orange: Consists of Vitamin C to rejuvenate skin
🍈 Kiwi : Anti Oxidant, Brightening skin, Moisturizing
🍒 Mulberry : Combat sensitive skin, anti-aging, brightening 
🍌 Banana : Smooth effect, Even out the skin tone 
🍇 Grapes : Anti aging, Anti Oxidant, Maintain elasticity, Moisturizing 
🍑  Pomegranate Ruby : Whitening, Smoothing, Moisturizing, Anti Aging 
🍋  Lemon : Anti Acne, Removing Bacteria 
🍠 Tamarind : Scar Healing, Remove dead skin cells, Remove acne scar
🍏 Apple : Skin elasticity, Anti wrinkle, Protect skin from hyper pigmentation

 I have used it for weeks along with both of my parents. Winkwhite sends a lot of hampers for me to try and we all realize that it's really brightening up our skin. However I think for face wash, it's more suitable for people with oily skin as I find it's not moisturizing enough for my dry face. Therefore I decided to use it more for my body wash

Winkwhite Fruitamin Soap Bar is priced at Rp 35.000

You can visit their accounts on =
LINE@ = @winkwhite_th

Thank you Wink White for sending me the products!

The product is sponsored by Winwhite but doesn't affect any opinion on this blog

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