Welcoming 2017, Summary of 2016

January 02, 2017

Happy New Year!!

I survived, 2016 lol
I honestly think that 2016 is a year full of realizement, full of deep thought time, full of self-improvement, full of time to understand myself completely and a roller coaster at its best. Apparently most of my friends happened to think the same of 2016 and as I read 9gag, turns out it wasn't good for a lot of people as well

I realized I havent achieved much in 2016 unlike my previous years before, however it's because I took a break from achieving stuffs in career and instead self improving my own personality. Cleaning the house instead of renovating the exterior, you know

However 2016 doesn't meant doesn't have its highlight

Let's see what I have done!

HOSTED kawaii tour

The first time Indonesian blogger held kawaii tour to Japan and I'm happy that the response was good. Unfortunately I didn't have enough pictures because I was busy guiding people and it was really fun! The first tour was also reported by NHK Kawaii TV ^.^ I also manage to interact with people whom have been reading my blog and we had such an enjoyable time. Everyone are soooo nice and I am really touched to get to know you guys personally
I hope I can meet with everyone whom reading my blog more and more in the future


I also brought my mom to travel all over Japan for winter wonderland. We visited Tokyo, Sapporo, Otaru, Kyoto, and Osaka. Played so hard, ate a lot, visited many places. It was full of laughters and memories. We both tried ski for the first time, froze to death in Otaru lol, tried Kimono at Kyoto together, and visited USJ as well. I am so grateful that I have enough money to please her haha


I am lucky enough to know this one japanese singer whom happened to be my friend in private, and I am a fan of his music. Since he had his concert in Spring, I visited Tokyo again specially to watch his performance and brought flowers in exchange for his ticket invitation 😂  It was my first time watching a concert in Japan but no pictures because it's prohibited during the show, and I can't disclose whom I am watching here so here's my picture with flowers 
I didnt blog much about this trip as I was there for private leisure instead of work, so perhaps not many of you notice. However it was really a highlight! 


Never in my life by being a blogger can give me an opportunity and open up a path as an actress. It was my first time playing on a big screen and big production scale, I was amazed by the team and the whole crews. I was so grateful to get this job the movie was done. It's supposed to be aired on Cinema this year! Finally! I will keep you guys updated about it. Though my acting was still not as good as that, but please support my debut movie 😂  


One year at once, in autumn I managed to bring my whole family member to enjoy autumn leaves in Tokyo. I splurged so much this year to the point I dont even want to see my bank account 😂  It was 1 week for my dad and 2 weeks for my mom and brother. I even managed to hire Nomina's photographer as well to shoot our family quality time in Tokyo because I dont think I can do this again anytime soon and I'd like to savour the moment. It was quite an experience and I learned a lot of things through this trip

All over japan

I visited other parts of Tokyo that I haven't really visited before. From Sapporo, Otaru, Hiroshima, Miyajima Island, Kanazawa, Kobe, 
My love to Japan is so deep it hurts lol I havent really met many people who share the same willingness and love with me. So far I guess it's only one blogger, Cheesie, and my bestie Anggy. It wasnt a sponsored trip as well which means I put a lot of money for Japan Tourism 😂  However I really enjoy Japan and it's my second home, so I dont mind

2016 has been great with job as well though. My job and income are pretty stable though there were bad moments as well, but I have to be grateful that I still can earn enough to support myself and this lifestyle. I have also understood myself better and learned a lot of things. Basically it's all a year full of lessons in life and changed me into a slightly different person, for a better though

Also my blog statistic has risen up as well because I am probably more productive again on blog LOL It's now around 8k hits a day as well. There were times when it was 50k hits per day which is amazing!!

So, in 2017 I have some resolutions that I want to make!

  • Provide more quality contents on blog and on my other social media platforms
  • Keep delivering the best that I can be for my job and for my readers
  • Earn more, save more
  • Levelling myself up in a lot of ways
  • But have to pat myself on the shoulder and know that I am good enough, I am not perfect but I am good
  • Be more confident
  • Stop being so insecure and blaming myself for a lot of things that happen out of my power, it's just meant to happen that way
  • Understand people better
  • Be happier!!
  • Travel more, of course. And my plan for this year is to travel across the continent as well, Europe it is!
  • Have more quality time with God
  • Be more grateful for what I have
  • Work smarter, not harder LOL
  • I am also planning to pursue my study again as well, hope it can be realized this year without any problem. I keep delaying because of too many jobs that I cant leave 
I guess that's all so far! I see if I can realize this next year, but for now that's all!
Please keep reading me as well this year, and in japanese we call it


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  1. happy new year!

    let's spread happiness :) and your 2016 contain more Japan than few years back, somehow LoL

  2. I love your blog Stella! I also love Japan so much as well! I love travelling there all the time and I never get bored of it!! <3 <3