Ettusais Mineral White BB Cream Review

January 07, 2017

One of the top brands from Japan that I got to learn through my frequent visit to Japan is Ettusais. We all know Canmake and KATE thanks to internet that introduced this to us, however I hardly saw people mentioned Ettusais. I only learned about this through a reader that told me that she was swearing for this product, and so I tried it out of curiousity. (If you have any recommendation for me too, please let me know! Always love to learn new products)

For around 2 years I have tried japanese bb cream and though I might be biased, their quality and colors are better than most korean BB Cream. However Ettusais easily manage into the top ranking of BB Cream in my case

They have a few types of BB Cream, I love the Mineral White version the most as it helps brightening up my skin! It's also the first BB Cream from Ettusais that I tried, talk about love at the first sight and loyalty. It comes with pretty pastel pink shade and white packaging. The packaging is made from plastic and consists of 40gr product, which is a little less than average in size

The focus and main model of Ettusais is baby, as they want you to create base and skin like a baby. Ettusais mostly has skin care products instead of full range of make up. As far as I remember, the only make up products are mostly about base / face make up

Here's swatch of the BB Cream. My hand was a little bit tanner at that time than my face, but it's an okay shade for my face. They come in 3 shades, 10, 20, and 30 (light to dark) and I got the medium in 20. The first thing I noticed when I used this BB Cream was how soft and gentle the product is and how easily blendable it is

My skin has changed and it's been so dry as I age but this etussais BB Cream keeps my skin moist and hydrated all day long. The coverage is light to medium but it covers the redness perfectly though it cant cover pimples that needs a concealer. It helps brightening up my skin and make it like a second skin. The color tone is slightly yellow-ish which is perfect for me, a no make up make up look is easily achieved through this BB Cream

I only need a small amount to cover my entire face but you can always build it. The finish is satin instead of dewy look like Korean, which has still a little bit of glow. The oil control is average though, so I recommend this for normal to dry skin better, or for winter season. But you can always make the best out of it even though you have oily skin as long as the primer and the powder can fight against your oil issue

Ettusais is retailed at 1800 yen (without tax) and mostly can be purchased at Japanese Drugstore in Cosmetic Sections. This is my second bottle as I finished my first one. I wish Ettusais would be more accessible to everyone outside Japan as this is really a good brand. I am using their facial wash, their face clay, and also I have their CC Cream. Everytime I visit their counter, there's always an urge to shop the entire collection hahaha

Unfortunately it's not available yet in Indonesia so if you want to have it, you can try your luck asking anyone who's traveling to Japan to hand carry it for you or finding an online shop that can pre order this lol

Hope this review is helpful for you, and see you guys again on my next post

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  1. hai stel.. ada tutorial make up nya ? :D

  2. I almost picked the green type (I think the green one was the gel type) but I finally picked KATE because Ettusais is a bit too small for 1800円 lol. I think I'm gonna give this a try next time :D

  3. Hi Stella, I would love to read your review on Ettusais CC cream as I have always wanted to try it out :)

  4. It seems to have a ton of coverage!

    Coco | The Beauty Milk