Too Faced Chocolate Bar Review and Swatch

January 12, 2017

There's something special about this Too Faced Chocolate Bar that has thrown other eye shadow palettes in my collection into the first rank and has successfully traveled with me all over the world 😂  Besides its sweet chocolate smell (and note that I am not a fan of chocolate but I am still attracted to this palette), the palette provides a lot of wearable shades for day to night look. Lets take a look of this product deeper!

Too Faced Chocolate Bar has been sent to me for more than a year and has been featured for a few make up tutorials of mine though never made any appearance on this blog. The product comes in a chocolate bar shaped and the back of it packaging shown each shade's name and also other informations of the products but unfortunately I decide to not remember each product's name as it's such a hassle. I wish they print it underneath the eyeshadow as it's easier

The product comes in 16 shades of matte and shimmer eye shadows and they put some interesting tone of brown. They have orange-ish shade, a maroon brown shade, and plum brown as well as ashy deep brown shade. Compared to other palettes at its class, this palette provides wider option to create amazing eye look

The widest two shades on the palette are called White Chocolate (matte white) and Champagne Truffle (shimmery light pink) that can be used as highlighter or a base color. Since these two colors will be used the most, it's very thoughtful of Too Faced to provide these two shades doubled up in size

Here's the swatch of Too Faced Chocolate Bar with light hand. The color can be very intense if you brush it more but I like that they can be pretty subtle as well when it's taken using light power. The pigmentation is good and each color has their own personality, no color is made to be similar with the other. I usually just grab 3 shades for my eye look (light, medium, and dark). Fall out is pretty minimal to non existent, and the texture is really soft

What I feel is missing out is they dont provide any eye brush hence this palette mostly stays at my hotel or apartment along with my eye brush set. This is not really a palette that you can bring for a touch up in the car or in the bathroom unless you're ready to pack some brushes along the way

Too Faced Chocolate Bar is retailed at 49 USD in the states and in Indonesia, it's available already. You can get it at Sephora or Too Faced Counter for Rp 819.000
The price is pretty high considering this is a luxury palette and rupiah is getting weaker, but if you need one ultimate palette that you can use EVERYDAY at every occasion, you can consider this one. On addition, this palette will last you pretty long for individual usage

Hope you find this post helpful and see you guys again on my next post!

The product is sent to me as a review purpose but all the opinions remain my own

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  1. I'm usually a tarte & Urban Decay palette fan, but this palette looks really lovely *__*
    Everything is better with chocolate ofc.

  2. This is one of my favourite eyeshadow palettes, I love the smell!


  3. Seeing your post, I was thinking to purchase this palette for a long time. Recently, I did makeup classes for beginners by Lina Cameron , I met Lucy there. It was my birthday and gifted me this palette. I so freaking love this palette! It smells so good, totally like a chocolate bar! Its a must have for those who love to do natural eye-look or light eye makeups. This palette is really pigmented too! <3
    I really love to use this everyday for my classes! Thanks to her for giving me this one and you too for this wonderful review. I will recommend this one for sure! <3

  4. I always love too faced items. After completing my winter make-up lessons , my mother-in-law send me few makeup sets from U.S.A . I got this palette there. I really love this. Its really pigmented and color pay off 100%. I will always recommend this for sure.