5 Things to Do in Odaiba

December 06, 2016

One of my favorite places in Tokyo is Odaiba. It's a manmade island nearby Tokyo that you can take Yurikamome Line train from Shinbashi to experience the place. Instead of Sentosa Island that's focused as an amusement park, Odaiba is an independent city that has malls, onsen, offices, and so on. It's not that different by visiting Harajuku in my opinion but of course, this place offers its unique charm

Here are my 5 Top Reasons to Visit Odaiba

1. See Real-Size Gundam Before It's Gone


One of the most iconic landmark for Odaiba is Real-Size of Gundam in front of Diver City Mall and unfortunately it's bound to be gone, or so I read on this article Gundam Odaiba Will Be Gone in 2017 . So head over there before the spring comes, and take picture with your Gundam as a token of memory 

I don't watch Gundam but it's one of the first landmarks in Tokyo that I visted on my first trip (even before Tokyo Tower) so there's something missing about Odaiba when the Gundam is not there to protect the city

2. Take Picture With Liberty Statue

In front of Aqua City Mall, there is a landmark where you feel you're not in Japan thanks to Liberty Statue standing straight there. The statue is in fact a replica of the Statue of Liberty in Paris though its popularized by America as America has the biggest size. It's brought to Odaiba in 1998 in commemoration of The French Year in Japan and since then, becomes one of the landmark. It is around 12.25 meters tall

From here you can also walk down to the made beach downstairs or just enjoy the wind breeze while looking at the sea and Tokyo from far away

3. Spot Rainbow Bridge

You can also spot Rainbow Bridge; a bridge that connects Tokyo and Odaiba, easier from Odaiba. It feels so metropolitan for me, a Jakarta citizen that doesn't have this kind of structure in my city. At night, it turns on the lights and become a romantic sightseeing. I have seen it everytime I come to Odaiba and the night view is majestic hence they call it Rainbow Bridge. It's better to get a dinner at Odaiba while overlooking the city and the bridge from far

4. Experience Fuji TV

One of the biggest TV in Japan, Fuji TV, has their headquarter in Odaiba and it's within 5 mins walking distance from Daiba station. The structure is by far the best in my opinion (I have visited other TV stations in Tokyo) because it's such a piece of art. 

You can in fact experience the Fuji TV and see Odaiba from tall buildings if you're willing to spare 500 yen for public entry to certain places. You can visit some shops and see Odaiba in 360' through that ball. See the ball on the center, that's the top floor that you can go. Unfortunately the offices and most of the parts are not open to public, but you can see the Mezamashi Show's real set when there's no shooting and hope that you can take a glimpse of your favorite idol here

5. Hop Around Malls and Outlets

There are a lot of malls around the area such as Aqua City, Diver City, Venus Fort, DECKS, etc. You can never visit too many malls, right? lol
Besides, Venus Fort is a factory outlet where you can buy branded items last season for cheaper price. At Aqua City 5th Floor, there's a Ramen Park for you to try various types of ramen all over Japan. There are also tax-free goods shop and souvenirs shop inside the malls and various attractions. When you walk a little bit far from Daiba station to Telecom Center station, there's also Oedo Onsen Monogatari which is an onsen theme park where you can experience the Japanese hot spring and wearing yukata.

Odaiba offers a lot of various attractions and landmarks that you need to visit. I recommend at least half a day to experience it as there are a lot of things to do here

I hope you'd have fun as much as I did and hope this post is helpful

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