New Blog Layout + Some New Stuffs!

September 26, 2013


and omg it's so freaking cute I can die afuasjfalejfe!!  └(★o★)┐

So... I am someone who gets bored very very easily. New things always excites me
I told my friend, Kaila, Philippines Kawaii Leader, that I wanted a change for my blog. And being as kind as she is, her team under JapanLoverMe is willing to help me revamping my website

The problem is I had to wait because they're so busy with their workshops and offline jobs and such. And when you're changing and renovating house, you just don't really want to fill it with important stuffs yet since you want to do it when it's ready

So that's why this month I am not really motivated to blog  (o´・_・)っ 

But now as I can't stand how cute it is now, I can't wait to fill my online diary with many things!!

Last week I had a total holiday, like really nothing or no job to do!
But for the past few days jobs were piled like mountain O_O
And everyday, I reached home very late 

But to be honest I am happier when I am busy
It just feels that your existence is needed and you're alive haha

Of course I want holiday, but holiday without hardwork and jobs done before hand, won't feel like a real holiday
And besides my holiday will be there after I finish my beauty workshop job (ノ≧∀≦)ノ yeay, Tokyo-Kyushu, I'm cominggg 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)

why I am rambling like this, wait, let's back to the topic. My new blog layout yes!
Thanks to Chichi for the cute graphics and Kaila for coding! 
I only told them that I want something without pictures, just graphics and illustrations of me. And I want it to be filled with many things that I love such as Shibuya, L'Arc~en~Ciel, Arashi, traveling, punk style, etc

And I want black and white theme with just a hint of pink colour
So they made it like this and it's just so so cuteeeeeee (*^3^)

I also order to make reading my blog easier and funnier!

I have my main topic = Beauty, Fashion, daily Life, Japan, and Travel and their team made the icons for each topic!
So if you click on it, you'll be lead to the topic !

Also as my blog is mainly about Beauty stuffs, I've also had some beauty icons that you can click to read those stuffs further. Like, Eyes, Hair, etc

They personally customize this design for me, I am so happy

Because I don't really like playing with colors on my outfit or make up, mostly it's just black and white, and maybe some pink when I am in romantic mode lol

So it's really really 'ME' T____T

I am so happy!

What do you guys feel about my new blog layout? 
Isn't it cute?  photo 7_zpsb3b360eb.png

Anyway, recently I've got some new stuffs too !! 

lancome  Make Up Haul

In need of new eyeshadow palette, and I'm really into shimmery eyeshadow so I got their eyeshadow palette. Including their hypnose doll mascara and eyeliner kohl. Also I've always loved Lancome lip products, and this one is their newest edition with click button  photo 17_zps5e02f649.png

etude house cushion bb cream

Also Etude House released their newest foundation with very unique texture. So, of course I want to try  photo 2_zpsae87ac1c.png 

And anyway I cannot stand Korean lens anymore. Once you wear Japanese Lens, you can feel that the comfort from Korean lens like Geo is really really bad..

I'd rather throw my money for something that won't harm my eyes as it's very important

Got it directly from Japan! I.Fairy Lens! Some haven't arrived yet

i.fairy contact lens

Monthly lens..

Michi once told me her Japanese husband told her that Japanese standart is too high so they say it's monthly but in fact you can wear it until 6 months
But they just dont want to take risk so they put the minimum usage to their restriction so no eyes will be harmed

i.fairy contact lens

Also get their daily lens just in case I have special events that require me to use lens for a long time  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

Also, stocking up my skincare products. Menard cleansing and washing cream. Also Menard Beauness Toner which is such a LOVE  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

menard tsukika

And I want to try their make up line, not only skincare
So I got a set of it

menard tsukika Make Up Haul

Their Make Up Base, Liquid Foundation, Powder Foundation, and Face Powder
Also Got their Lipstick and lipgloss too

menard tsukika Make Up Haul

It's just so elegant and mature looking. I feel like an adult already, which I am T_______T

Anyway the main highlight is this SONY NEX-5R

I finally bought a mirrorless camera


I bought NEX-5R after a lot of thoughts and discussions

I decided that my time at home is too limited right now. And bringing DSLR everywhere, especially to Japan or to my job, is too heavy
I need a good camera but compact enough
And they have 180' flip screen as well as WiFi that helps me to share the picture faster on internet

This sony NEX-5R has everything that I need
The price is pricey but not that expensive. It's Rp 6.499.000 but I got special promotion [after looking around malls] 5% so it's around Rp 6.200.000 and can have 12 months instalment

Let's starve for the next 12 months LOL

Anyway, all the pictures in this blogpost are taken by NEX-5R that I bought! 
Isn't the quality very comparable and similar with my DSLR?
I am so happy!

But I still don't know how to operate it that well so I'll learn about it more!

My room is so messy with so many plastic bags and used clothes right now..  photo 20_zps5d2368e3.png I don't have time to tidy my home cos I go out in the morning and go back very late

Now my to do list is, I want to find time to clean my room before I leave  photo 23_zpsff500481.png photo 23_zpsff500481.png photo 23_zpsff500481.png

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  1. OMG! Your new layout is super KAWAII! I love the cute little topic icons that move when you mouse over them. :D I want to try Japanese contact lenses but they're so expensive! >_< I'm surprised they can be worn for up to 6 months. O_O Even wearing them for 3 months would be totally worth it, i think. XD

  2. love the new layout! Kaila and Chi are so talented!! but your blog was cool to begin with ^_~.
    ps. I have the same camera as you! i LOVE it. best camera ever hehehe

    keep up the good work Stella!! (⌒▽⌒)☆

  3. totemo kawaii!!!!!
    love it so much! :D :D

  4. love the new layout! kaila and chi are so talented! but your blog is awesome either way!

    ps. I have the same camera! i love it! so many great features!
    keep up the good work Stella!! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

  5. The new layout is adorable!! They are so talented <3

  6. Kaila and Chichi are so talented, but their talents are mostly from hardworking and efforts they put in their works ^^

  7. haha thank you, but they make it more awesome!

    Oh really!! I'm still studying it! ^^;; I want to bring it to Japan >w<

  8. so KAWAII but not that kawaii haha. I told them I prefer kakkoii in fact lol
    so that's why it's not as colorful as they used to make ^_^;;

    yes, it's so cute right ^_^
    Haha, monthly isn't that expensive. around 2000-3000 yen ^^

  9. I loooove the new layout *^*
    It's so kawaii <3
    And all that new beauty stuff is great :3

  10. The team works so hard for this, how cant it be not kawaii XDDD <3 <3 <3

  11. the layout is the cutest *^* I really love it!

  12. I can't get over how cute this layout is!

  13. i thought those lens were manufactured in korea... but they are still pretty :)

  14. some are, yes. but if it's taken care by japanese, then they will keep their standard to match with japanese quality

  15. so, come visit my blog more often from now on XD

  16. second cutest!! the cutest is kaila's blog XD

  17. yesssss i cant wait to blog more *w*
    greetings from indo~

  18. omg it is so cuteee!!! pink and black does reminds me of Japaneses cartoon artwork! this is yet kawaii but modern! love itttt!

  19. *_* your compliment makes me and the others feel so happy!!

    yes, i only use colors that i like! ^^ black and white, and a little pink and purple hehe

  20. aduh menard stuff nya bikin ngiler... could cost me my whole month salary... >.<

    btw range harga japanese lens berapaan y stell? ada olshop yg recomended g? penasaran deh pengen coba deh... :3

  21. it might cost me around my whole month salary too ;___________;

    2000-3000 yen sih, so far stauku belum ada yang bener2 ngejual lens yang ini.. maybe soon they will be coming to Indo? :)

  22. omg very cuteee <3 love your new layout :)

  23. sukaaaaaa layout nya bannernya headernyaaa!!!!!!

  24. thank you, do stay more often from now on XD

  25. Stella, beli sony nex5 nya di mall mana? aku lg nyari2 kemarin adanya nex3 :( pengen bgt beli yg nex5 >.< Anyway new blog designya simple yet cute!! So much better than before~ <3

  26. iya OOS dimana2.. ke TA deh >.<
    Ak ambil yang putih, dan itu nyarinya ngider2 jugaa. abis silver jelek hahahaha

    thank youuuuu ^3^

  27. woahh suka layoutnya yg sekarang.. lucu cute and ga berat juga klo dibuka ( dibanding yg kemaren ;) ) so kawaiii <3

  28. sooo cute :3
    congrats for your new layout stel ^^ btw nex5 bagus ya? hehe

  29. gak seberat kemarin menurutmu? wah bagus deh, senang dengernya TwT

  30. baru beli juga jadi gak bisa kasih gambaran haha ^^;
    tapi nanti di jepang ak akan blogging pakai nex5, jadi coba dilihat aja foto2nya :D

  31. 可愛くてキラキラピカピカすぎる (////*A*////)
    also those tiny icons for each part of face... Good job Kaila-san!
    and dat Nex-5R *A*

  32. I love your blog!! The new layout is so cute!!

  33. SO cute, your new layout is amazing!

  34. wow I love your new layout, it's super cute!!!(♥ω♥)

  35. Blognya jadi lebih enteng ^^ aku suka layout blognya :D

  36. makasih yahhhh <3

    ak buka tapi biasa soal kerjaan yang kebales dluan soalnya numpuk ;w;
    kalo pertanyaan seputar itu, coba fb fan page msg aja..

  37. ga panjang sih sebenernya cuma pengen nanya wkt rambut kaka rontok parah itu dikasih treatment apa aja ga gitu? soalnya aku skrng takut banget rambut pada rontok kecil-kecil bahkan pas bangun tidur.. takut habis rambutnya :(( sampe pake hair growth serum nih jdinya.. nyisir takut, keramas juga jadi parno..

  38. biarinin sampe panjang terus potong. skarang makanya rambutku pendek XD

  39. wiiii i like this layout better stell.. easiers to use.. :D

  40. Love the new super kawaii layout ^^

  41. pretty layout! are they accepting blog re-design for other users? :)

  42. Your new blog layout is awesomeee! Like it so much! I always love ChiChi artworks and of course Kaila the Rainbowholic! I think this one is much kawaii, comfy and better looking than the previous. Love iiiit!! I also become more excited to read your blog. *blog layout power* :DD

  43. I've never heard of Menard! The packaging looks so pretty, I hope you will do a review on them soon ^^ and your new blog layout is really cute!

  44. Menard is so awesome! Check it out if you have time! :D

  45. haha i dont know how to do it either without my friends help XD

  46. YEAY I am super happy if you love and enjoy your stay in here now =D

  47. I dont know, you can contact them =D

  48. The blog is so kawaii! makes me want to visit the blog everyday~

  49. sony nex bagus, ka :3 i'm using the alpha series for dslr purposes and sony cams have awesome color/image quality :)

    adorable blog layout~ \o/ smaller content size makes it look like it's a lot more friendly and approachable. simple tapi bagus :3

    btw, ka stella sering ngebuka email ga? pengen nanya-nanya seputar rambut nih :(

  50. blognya kawaii banget tellaaaa <3

  51. I love your new layout ^^ I only wish I knew how to make mine look as good lol