Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2013 Report

September 27, 2013

Finally, it's over~~~!!!

One of the most hectic week in my whole life!
But I enjoyed it to the max! And seems AFA staffs were also pleased so all is good!! 

danny choo and stella lee

So let's start this long post!!
Prepare a nice hot tea and snacks to read my journey ^^

AFA ID 2013 is the biggest anime event and anisong concert in South East Asia and this year is their second year in Jakarta. Marking Indonesia as their first visit, they booked Jakarta Convention Center [JCC] to have Akiba Town, Moe Moe Kyun Cafe, Atelier Royale cafe, Booths, Stage Appearance, as well as Anisong Concert

DAY 1 - Friday 6th September 2013

Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2013

I had to arrive very early and I came in rush with all my shoes and belongings. Johnny, the stage manager quickly approached me and gave me pass so I could come at met Danny first time. I was very nervous because he's so popular to the point he had his official line account. But to be honest I didn't know about him before AFA lol

I apologize Danny lol

I only know Hyde *slapped*

Okay moving on... 

Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2013

So Danny and I had to do MC Rehearsal on friday, as saturday and sunday we had stage appearance. We were checking mic and such and I was amazed of how big the venue was. This was my first time MC-ing so I was very tensed and serious haha. Can see from my face

But Danny was very kind and helpful so I relaxed a bit

Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2013

At night I had 5 minutes appearance to open the Anisong Stage hahaha!! 
I waited for like 7 hours before my 5 minutes appearance. At first I wanted to join Richfield and Kaname to visit Droids Cafe during my break, but after discussing that it's Friday, and I had to come back around 6, it was kinda impossible

So to keep being professional, I stayed on the venue and wandering around on my own!

Sometimes came back to the concert stage to watch the rehearsal performance of the singers too

Danny was nowhere to be seen as he's very busy with his booth or running to meet people everywhere haha

Nothing much to talk about on the first day because there weren't many activities for me on that day, so let's move on to the next day~!

DAY 2 - Saturday 7th September 2013

stella lee afaid

I was ready at the venue since 9.30 a.m because the event was started at 10 a.m
Better earlier than late!

During this day, I tried a little cosplay by wearing Seifuku. Because on the second day, we had ARCC Single Cosplay! I wanted to match the event although I am not a cosplayer

But turned out it was quite fun and I would like to try something different next time ^.^

stella lee afaid

During this day we had special appearance of all the 6 Anisong Artists to share about their experience in Jakarta and their feeling toward AFA ID 13! 

eir aoir in indonesia

Eir Aoi-san

aya hirano in indonesia

Aya Hirano-san

may'n in indonesia


flipside in indonesia


babymetal in indonesia


kalafina in indonesia


aya hirano in indonesia

 After that there's a special segment with Aya Hirano when there's a question and talk time, her experience in voice acting, and her voicing out Suzumiya Haruhi's voice on stage

aya hirano in indonesia

There's also 2 Haruhi Cosplayers on the stage where they got presents from Aya Hirano-san herself

aya hirano in indonesia

She's amazingly beautiful and her face is soooo sooooo smalllll!! And her body is so skinny too omg to pretty to be true!

danny choo gangnam style

And this Danny forced me to Dance Gangnam Style on stage for icebreaker, omg Danny...

I was wearing a skirt you know T____T

And I can't dance.. I can't.. Really.. And had to dance in front of thousands of people *shoots myself after this* lol

And so ARCC Singles, the cosplayers were picked by the judges and we had 30 awesome cosplayers. One of them is Eren in Titan version and he was naked

Danny approached him and cover his bulky part, and I did the same


eren titan cosplay

And from doing that, I got scandal in Jawa Post AHAHAHAHA

eren titan cosplay

The words picked by the journalist was quite weird hahaha

I became friend with the Eren cosplayer on facebook and we laughed a lot from this article LOL

So this article uses 'menggoda' word, which can be translated into flirting, but also teasing in Indonesia language..

So it can be translated that Stella Lee, Host of AFA, flirted with Eren Jaeger Cosplayer which sounds very veryyyyyyy wrongggggggg LOL

I was covering his private part omg haha
But if it's translated in another way it says Stella Lee, Host of Afa, teased Eren Jaeger Cosplayer which sounds a little nicer hmmm

Funniest media appearance of the year lol

indonesia ARCC Singles Competition Winner

Anyway congrats to the ARCC Singles Competition Winner!!! 
Looks so good!!

DAY 3 - Sunday 8th September 2013

On the final day I decided to wear Yukata instead to make the event more like Japan. After all Matsuri feeling was still quite near with the event as it happened in Early September

Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2013

My Yukata is borrowed from my friend's Rental Shop, Amanogawa Yukata Rental
Including all the accessories and hair stuffs

We had special stage performance from Bima Satria Garuda, the first Indonesia Tokusatsu

reino barack

Bima Satria Garuda

the Producer Mr Reino Barack and his partner and some actors appeared there to share their experience and view regarding this series

Bima Satria Garuda

Bima Satria Garuda

Bima Satria Garuda

As for myself I did watch the first few episodes of Bima Satria Garuda and I do support this series because the mission is to teach young generations about justice and love, and also they're using formal language to make future generation start speaking in a good manner

Bima Satria Garuda

Thank you so much Bima Satria Garuda for coming!

After that, we met the legend of my childhood, T.M.Revolution came!!!
He came for 45 minutes talkshow!

T.M.Revolution in Indonesia

I knew him from Rurouni Kenshin, his phenomenal song, Heart of Sword..
And in fact I've watched his performance last April in Japan for Harajuku Kawaii Matsuri where I walked as a model thanks to NHK Kawaii International

But back then I wasn't able to meet him and wasn't really a fan so ... lol

I just became a new fan after listened to his songs before AFA [Which was done bcos of my host responsibility lol] and seriously, he's like, freaking good o.o
Why I never listened to his songs before O_O

stupid me~! ><

T.M.Revolution in Indonesia

and he's the kindest and most down to earth artist I've ever met. Not that the other artists are not good. No. But he's like an angel, even totally different level than most of human LOL
I hope he wont be reading it lol

I am so weak against nice people T____T
I am so grateful to meet him and be inspired. Not only he has great voice and talent but also super good attitude

Anyway my japanese model friend Kondo Natsuko-san, is also his friend, so we talked about her too :D
And she also told me that Nishikawa-san is super nice XD

I wanna grow to be an adult like him *_*

T.M.Revolution in Indonesia

So for the session it's what he had been and eaten in Jakarta. Also I was super nervous on this session so I think I mistranslated a little words and also my Indonesia grammar turned out weird T___T I apologize..

Then Danny and Nishikawa-san were talking about Gundam. And I was supposed to translate those parts in Indonesia but I HAD NO IDEA what they're talking about O_O;

they're talking about Gundam and the types and such, and Danny was very enthusiast about it. I was like, what??

Danny translated it in english for me and I just giggled stupidly

He asked, "do you understand what I was talking about?"

I shook head and said no ^^;;

Even if they're talking in Indonesia, I wouldn't understandddddd LOL
omg I'm sorrryyyyyy LOL Cos I am not really a translator la LOL

It's just like when a regular Guy had to translate make up lesson and technique in english words to indonesia, maybe..? LOL
I just can't... hahahaha

Then Nishikawa-san suddenly asked me in English "Do you watch Gundam?"

And I replied in english rapidly, hoping that Danny would translate it to Nishikawa-san,
"No I didn't really watch it, I only listened to some of the songs, and I know Nishikawa-san had many Gundam Songs and I really like INVOKE. But I used to watch Rurouni Kenshin and I also knew Nishikawa-san from it, Heart of Sword"

And omg he suddenly smiled, "Ah~ Heart of Sword!"

Which were cheered by the viewers as I believe almost everyone in this country watched Rurouni Kenshin and did know about that song!

T.M.Revolution in Indonesia

Then he started singin on stage O_O

T___T So nice guy!

Then he's also giving 10 posters signed by him to lucky winners! 

T.M.Revolution in Indonesia

Danny looked so handsome holding the poster mwahahahha XD *gets slapped* 

T.M.Revolution in Indonesia

Besides 10 winners, he also gave sign session to 100 first people who came to sign booth! So nice! ^.^

T.M.Revolution in Indonesia

Wish that T.M.R will be coming again for AFA Indonesia next year!! 

T.M.Revolution in Indonesia

Thank you so much!

Then for ARCC Cosplay Group. There were 20 groups from all over Indonesia competed, and the winner would be going to AFA Singapore to fight against the other cosplayers for the final ARCC Cosplay ^.^


We have so many cosplay judges this time! 

Pinky from Indonesia, Raistlin from SG, Angie from Malaysia, Ying Tze from Malaysia, Clive from SG, Reika from Japan, Richfield from Indonesia, and Kaname from Japan!

Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2013

The level of the cosplay is so high and I was amazed every time the cosplayers performed. Their efforts and hard working are seen through their beautiful and very-detailed cosplays. And I couldn't believe that most of them made it by themselves O_O

So talented!!

If I did it on my own then I would have so many bandages from the needles LOL

Some of the judges were giving comments about their view towards the cosplayers = 

richfield Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2013

The kind Richfield~ 

kaname Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2013

The cool Kaname-san~

reika Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2013

The handsome Reika-san~

we did so many fun things on the stage, and during this stage I felt I was not nervous as the first time, maybe because I had done it for days, and I felt close already with Danny [dunno if Danny felt the same LOL] and also I've become friends with the cosplayers too so it's so fun to be on the stage with your friends \(^____^)/

levi x eren

Like this Heichou kicked down Kaname-san on the stage hahaha

kaname danny choo

And yaoi . . . ? on stage . . .

I dont get it.. I really don't...



The winner of ARCC Cosplay Competition is D'Bronz!
Congratulations!!! \(^0^)/

Their performance was very entertaining and I watched every single performer on the sideside with Danny and tbh I felt that everyone was goodddd T____T 

I wouldn't be able to do it!! Sugoi!

Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2013

So that's the end of AFA ID 13

I was truly honored to be a part of this amazing event and I wish to be involved more in this kind of project. Not only I have made a lot of new friends, but also gain new experiences, warm memories, and learned so many new things!

Thank you to AFA Team for having me on AFA ID 13, and thank you so much to all the staffs who helped me, thank you for the cosplayers, thank you for the artists, thank you T.M.R-san, Thank you Jim, Thank you Shawn, thank you Aiko-san, thanks Anthonny, thank you to all the staffs, and thank you Danny for being an awesome co-worker who keep supporting the lame me on the stage. He's so professional and helpful, I can't do it without you <3

I am so happy that I have chance to know so many amazing people in this event!

I am grateful, I really do ^___^

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  1. haha iya pengen.. mana kemarin juga ada temenku juga maksa ntn gundam scara doi penggila gundam juga
    tapi ak males liatin robot sbenernya hahaha

    smoga ada waktu buat nonton deh =D maybe abis plg dari jepang hehe
    thank you sarannya, nanti aku sampaikan =)

  2. Yayyy I was so happy when they announced that you were going to be the emcee XD

    I am also weak against nice people~ Reika-chan, Pinky, you etc~ <3<3

    Ying Tze is from MY, with Angie :P

  3. Thank you ^//^

    Haha.. no im not as nice as them XD
    ah sorry, thanks for correcting me

  4. Otsukaresama deshita Stella~
    Stella mantep bgt dah jadi MC AFA..akhirnyaa hampir semua harapan fangirling terlaksana T^T
    kayaknya stella tau bgt fanservice apa aja yg diinginkan penonton ohoho
    tentang pengetahuan jejepangan, yang pasti you way better from MC AFA last year!! believe me!! >.<
    It must be awesome ya bisa bergaul sama cosplayer tingkat dunia itu T^T envy >.< tapi bagus stell, gak nganggurin reika alias sempet poto mesra bareng reika xDD *which is my wildest dream* lalala~ xD
    See you at sunday ohohoho~

  5. Wah suka sama banget sama postingan ini, fotonya bagus bagus, dan.. Kayaknya seru banget ya disana :( pengen ikut tapi gabisa... *rolls*

  6. aahhhhhh aya hirano T_______T mauuu foto bareng hiksss
    you're so lucky stell

  7. BLess4, they came last year and I came only to watch them www I'll pray for you.

    CAKEP BANGET CI <3 <3 <3

  9. so Danny and T.M.R love Gundam....I see....
    I suggest just go around Gundam.wikia to achieve some data about "What is Gundam"
    because you know what they say...learn thing from it's history ( = w=)

    Aya Hirano!! she have a really good voice! I hope Sugita Tomokazu and Makamura Yuichi will attend in the next year of AFA ID so Danny have a friend to talk about Gundam too ahahahaha ( = w=)

  10. iya bagus bagus potonya

  11. yesss...they called T.M Revolution as Prince of Gundam and the princess is Nami Tamaki... suara dan lagu yg mereka bawain keren2 semua...I'm super jealous Stellaa..hahaha XDD

  12. @Antonny Prasetya lol are you praising yourself

    @Iqbal Prasetyo fotonya bukan ak yang ambil, kn ak di stage haha.. tuh potograpernya komen minta pengakuan LOL
    next year ikut aja ^^

  13. haha itu itungannya bukan foto bareng juga lOL

  14. TMR emang keren banget suaranya. ak dengerin CD2 yang dia kasih berulang kali sampe hapal *___*

  15. yes I'm trying to study gundam now LOL

    She has a very cute voice, but her face is very cute too, I envy her <3

  16. hahaha biarin :P tel, paling ngga ada yg menghargai jerih payah 3 hari :")

  17. cece beruntung sekaleh ~
    itu btw kaname-san cakep amat ya, serasa ngeliat boneka hidup ^O^

  18. I was wondering if you can buy circle lenses when you are a foreigner , because list time at donki I couldn't.

  19. Actually I'm curious of one thing. I wonder if we could apply eye shadow or whatever on top of it... Since there's a double eyelid sticker in the way, wouldn't the eye shadow applied seems unnatural?

  20. I love your blog so much!! :)
    your makeup tutorails are amazing

  21. Aq juga mau foto" sama kaname ma reikaaaa ;_;

  22. really ypur face is soooo ugly

  23. + that wig is ugly too

  24. Ahahaha...suka posting cerita ini, fotonya bagus-bagus. Ayo Ste, nonton Gundam, Seed dan Seed Destiny. Aku lagi pengen ngulang lagi...Muahahaha.....
    Semoga AFA ID tahun depan memilih venue yang lebih luas dan representatif.

  25. Aaah AFA ID this year sounds fun, though no artist I like was present. Wish I can go next year, you should be the host again, Stella! and make another 'scandal' lol
    btw, lots of my friends came and they (boys) told me; "the female Indonesia MC is so cuute, is she really Indonesia?" congrats for getting another fans^^

  26. hahaha who do you like?? ^_^
    whether I'll be next year afa host again or no, it depends on AFA hehe. But I wish I would ^^

    ehhhh reallyyy >///<
    I thought my performance is not likeable or not very important, why they say cute T_T omg thank you