Stella Lee's AFAID13 Looks

September 11, 2013

Hello! Never in my whole life I had the busiest week and no time at all to blog and reply mails messages line etc. It was such a blast, and today is my day off.. Although the event finished on Sunday, but on Monday I still hang around with them until they flied off, and Tuesday I had to meet some people for meeting and such

I was super exhausted!

And tomorrow is my birthday but i have no plan at all duh! lol

I want to blog about this AFAID but unfortunately I haven't got the most important picture from Danny, so I should just wait.

So I'd just put some of my fashion styles during the past few days
Although, I didn't bring camera and just relied on my phone so the quality isn't that good, I'm sorry T_T
I wanna buy semi-pro camera, because my huge DSLR is heavy. But I'm still saving right now.. ><

DAY 1 - Press conference

I wanted to go for mature look
My make up is natural upper and bottom eyelashes, with pink cheeks and lips
I also had cut my hair the day before, and spent days to color my hair again by myself.. I am too lazy to color it at salon and besides I just bought a lot of hair dyes when I was in Japan, so I want to use it instead hehe

I didn't have my own-self shot T_T; 
So here's how my dress looks like with some of my friends = 

Cominica and Mei who are also beauty bloggers, became Moe Moe Kyun Maids. So happy to see some faces that I know!

DAY 2 - AFAID13 First Day 

I always love Punk-Casual clothing to be honest. Blame my Visual-Kei roots
So I put some rock shirt, denim jacket, and ripped pants! 

I also wear Wig because the day before was so exhausting and I didn't have time to do my hair LOL
Turn out it becomes like Amane Misa lol
I should try cosplaying this if I have chance

Make up on that day was dark smokey eyes with peach lips
Light peach blush on and some nose contouring gives the eyes more exposure

Also with spiked heels~! hahaha

DAY 3 - AFAID13 Second Day 

That's the ARCC Single Cosplay Competition.. And the first stage
When I met Alodia last time in Japan, she kinda encouraged me to start cosplaying lol
and during press conference Kaname also did the same thing. Cosplayers are awesome haha they successfully make me want to try one too

So I borrowed my cosplayer's friend's Seifuku, this time it's just simple one.. but I enjoyed it haha.. Maybe I will do more in the future?

Idk how to do "MOE" Make up =___=
Pretending to act cute but dunno what happened haha

Big eyes thanks to the circle lens and thick eyeliner! 
Also super natural false eyelashes [top and bottom]

Hair was mix-curl and pinned to the back a little to give youthful look! 

DAY 3 - AFAID13 Fourth Day 

For the final day, I already intended to wear Yukata! 
Because because... the legend, T.M.Revolution will come la!


Also since it's the final ARCC Cosplay too, so I want to look as japanese as possible

Make up is just simple brown eyes with winged eyeliner to give a little sultry feeling
Also, natural bottom and upper false eyelashes, and add more white shimmery eyeshadow in the inner corner to brighten up my eyes

I put natural rosy pink cheek on my eyes and natural nude pink lipgloss

Tied up my hair too. Thanks to Marble Wonderland Team!! 
They came all the way to Japan for having this event. And I am so happy they remembered me o_o
So they helped me doing this hair style hhehe

Like I said, I like something a little bit rock and has 'dark' feeling hahaha
So I picked this black rose yukata with red geta!

And the hat is also dominated with black and red color!
It kinda gives a little gothic feeling, no? XD

But to make it still looks feminine, I get cute floral obi with a little bit of hot pink color on my back!
It's just so cute!

My yukata is from my friend's store anyway, Amanogawa Yukata Rental
if you need yukata, you can try renting it at their place ^^ 

That's my hair...

I apologize it still has some yellow on the back cos i did it on my own T______T

Next time maybe just go to salon LOL

Anyway, which look is your favorite? ^^

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  1. my fav look is yukata's look
    btw stell, DAY 3 - AFAID13 Third Day should change into DAY 4 - AFAID13 Third Day #cmiiw

  2. oiya thank you for letting me know, typo x/D

  3. OMG I love the hair style of day 3!

  4. Loving the yukata look~! I still haven't worn one OTL

    You are very moe alreadyy la~

    Hope to meet you again!

  5. I love love love your rocker and yukata look! :D

  6. suka bgt yg km pake yukata tel, cakepppp <3

  7. Cantik banget lhooo, sukaaa

  8. hehe not me who did it though hahaha

  9. my favorite is either the yukata or the moe seifuku~ /o/ the seifuku style makes you look so adorable and a lot younger :3 so lucky to be able to meet kaname and the others TvT sayang ga sempet ke AFA buat liat ka stella dari jauh haha
    btw, itu rambut cepet panjang ya ka? kok bisa sih? :( rambutku baru ancur juga nih trus dipotong pendek...hahaha

  10. Dat yukata and ur hair do were so damn awesome..

  11. oh wow you look so stylish and cute as always :) I love your outfit and hairstyle choices here <3 and omg your friends with cominica! I read her blog too <3

  12. masa sii.. rasanya masih sgini2 aja panjangnya haha

  13. thank you! the hair on day 3 & 4 were done by japanese team haha

  14. ha? masa? tapi itu bisa dikepangg :o extension ya, ka? haha

  15. Que linda ivas todos los dias <33

  16. Last look is alksvsdvh! *O*
    You are amazing!!

  17. enggak, itu kepang yang ngejalar gitu, apa namanya sih XDD

  18. That yukata really looks perfect on you!

  19. U really supa dupa cute with this hair stella >_< love it !