Review : Brigitte Blooming Rouge Lipstick

September 17, 2013

Hello hello~

Sorry for not reviewing many products these days due to my hectic schedule. I am on my 7th term right now, which means I have to go for internship for 1 term while still having class. This is my last year~ Omg time flies so fast  photo 12_zpsa1b67bb4.png

So I'll review these babies that I got from Japan, it's present from Maiko-sensei last april, the teacher of BLEA Make Up School where I learned gal Make Up for NHK Kawaii International

So, let's go~! 

Brigitte Blooming Rouge Lipstick

I've known this brand before thanks to its model, Rola-chan! Rola is a famous talent in Japan and she's very very pretty  photo 9_zps7055d5e3.png 

They come in many shades to choose from but I only got 3 shades which are the representatives of each shades!  photo 8_zps5547545a.png The box comes in a very elegant romantic feeling with floral pattern transparent packaging

The brown color also gives 'otona' / mature feeling on this brand! 

Brigitte Blooming Rouge Lipstick

The lipstick is made in Japan and all is written in Japanese language  photo 12_zpsa1b67bb4.png 
Price for each lipstick is 1260 yen which is normal price like any other Japanese Drugstore lipstick

Brigitte Blooming Rouge Lipstick

When you open the packaging, the white base and gold hint packaging will be presented to you. It's made by plastic so somewhat it kinda screams drugstore and not as elegant as it first seemed to be
Also the down side point is that it doesn't have any mark or whatever to differentiate each shade so I have to open the cap to check which shade I'm taking  photo 6_zps880db718.png


The lipstick is carved with Brigitte symbol which has elegant font, but I'm a little disappointed because the lipstick is quite short compared to most of lipsticks in this market  photo 4_zpseb189f5c.png

Anyway here are the colors = 

Brigitte Blooming Rouge Lipstick

Left to right :  Tulip, Dahlia, Rose

Brigitte Blooming Rouge Lipstick

Each shade is named according to Flower, to match the image of this brand  photo 14_zps9256a16c.png

Brigitte Blooming Rouge Lipstick

Here's the swatch of the lipstick =

Brigitte Blooming Rouge Lipstick swatch

Left to right :  Tulip, Dahlia, Rose

The lipstick itself glides very easily and has very great pigmentation and very moisturizing. Also the color is amazingly beautiful and it lasts long for a drugstore lipstick, for about 5 hours or so. Truly a high quality lipstick! 

In fact when I first saw it on my wrist, it looks quite normal and I would like to try Tulip more. But out of my expectation, they show up like this on my lips = 

Brigitte Blooming Rouge Lipstick result

You can see that each lipstick gives different color, and turns out that the lipstick has a little concealer so it shows up lighter than what it should be, but still has amazing pigmentation. The concealer also helps the lipstick sticks better and longer on lips! 

As for the Dahlia, I didn't expect it would be a very nude lipstick considering the color is more into orange when you first see it. For tulip, it's a nude pink lipstick with a little metallic finish. 

And as for Rose, it's a warm natural lipstick that's suitable for everyday look!

I really love the lipstick because of the quality is as good as high end lipstick, and has amazing color pay off

 Beautiful Rose box packaging
 Comes with many colors to choose from
 Last long on lips
 Has a little concealer in their ingredient
 Glides easily on lips
 Beautiful carved Brigitte symbol on the lipstick

 Short lipstick compared to other lipsticks
 The packaging doesn't have shade written on it
 Difficult to find outside Japan

So far I really like this lipstick, and really want to try out other shades as well!
I might stock some when I visit Japan again soon  photo 5_zps059e499d.png

You can visit Brigitte Website to check their products further

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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  1. wow the packaging is gorgeous and the colors are just so beautiful, speechless. Great post ~~


  2. It sounds good! Winter is coming so I need something to fend my lips from drying and cracking X(
    Good luck on your internship ^^

  3. bagusan box nya drpd tubenya >.<
    wahhh warnanya beda ya tel, bkn beda sih tp sheer, kukira merahnya bakal lipstik merah pd umumnya gt XD

  4. Ooh, I'll have to pick up some when I go back in November - I'm always attracted to Rose shades, but I want to try a nude lipstick, so~ ^^ Thanks for the review! : )

  5. The packaging is beautiful. And I love the swatches, I heard from the brand Brigitte, but I never tried a product. But it looks worth a try.

  6. I like Rose the most. Too bad it's hard to get hands on these beaus. Honestly, I haven't even heard of the brand before. But the packaging is very elegant and yet cute <3

  7. the lipstick is beautiful with brigitte symbol on it and love rose the most..

  8. the rose color looks lovely, esp the engraving part <3

  9. hi stella is there any product you will recommend for brighten up the skin for makeup ?

  10. for that, shouldn't you be using highlighter? ^^

  11. if you come to japan, at least get one of these ^^

  12. yeah some jap drugstore brands arent very popular outside T_T

  13. yeay!! :D im coming back in october, so i guess still cant see you? T^T

  14. iyaaa.. dasar jepang, slalu begini T^T

    soalnya ada concealernya dikit ce jadi beda :3

  15. i wish they put the floral on the real packaging though :(

  16. I'm getting there October 31st, are you leaving before then? ; ;