Day 1 : JENESYS 2.0 Report

October 01, 2013

stella lee in japan

Hello from Japan!

Chiba to be exact, it's near Tokyo. Maybe like Jakarta-Bekasi?

This marks my 4th time visiting my dream country this year and I am grateful for every single opportunity given to me. Anyway, I wore sunglasses for the picture because I just landed right at Narita and didn't have make up on lol

But I just wanna capture my hair, because I dyed my hair a few days before my trip. I dyed it with semi permanent hair color treatment which I bought in Japan last time, and it turned out to be very dark, but will go lighter and lighter after a few washes

Dark hair is good too this time, because I'm coming to Japan as a student exchange for youth programme. I was kinda joking when I told my friends, 'if only I could experience 4 seasons in Japan within a year' and my dream did come true. This time is Autumn and I cant wait to see the red colorful leaves and such. I bought new camera so you guys can experience Autumn in Japan along with me ^_^

Anyway, let's move on to the program! 

The program that I joined is held by Japanese Embassy in Indonesia. And they invited some students from all over Indonesia to have research about J-Pop Culture. Among over than 600 hundreds of applicants, they chose 18 young generations that are divided into 3 categories. Anime, Fashion, and Entertainment

I chose Entertainment although maybe this blog is more suitable for fashion, because I have experienced quite a lot of things in Japan regarding fashion, and I am sure I will have more fashion related stuffs in the future

So I feel that entertainment category will be such a breather :D

There are 14 countries joining this program and it's so fun to see so many different backgrounds and cultures


There are over than 200 students coming for this program, and each group consists of 1-3 members of each country. Not only we know about J-Culture, but we also will expand friendship with other students from other countries! 

My Team leader is from India and the Sub-Leader is from Australia ^_^


For Day 1, we're staying at Nikko Narita Hotel because it's close with airport. Basically today is all about briefing and orientation. In fact I wanted to run to Shibuya to meet some friends but it's impossible. So I am just staying at hotel and blogging and video calling my friends lol


Anyway I just finished the buffet dinner too. They have wideeee selections of foods which I took a lot of pictures of, but turn out that the food wasn't that good for Japanese standard lol

Or maybe my stomach is not in good condition T_T
As usually I have stomachache very easily when I'm too exhausted or too nervous




This is the only picture of me today with some of other students. I had dinner with Laos students! ^^

In fact they asked me out to hang around hotel tonight but I said I wanted to take a rest. As I really feel there's something wrong with my tummy T_T
Besides, there's nothing much to see around Hotel area as it's near airport. I dont know why I become so lazy haha, Maybe because I visited a lot of places and I do know which one I should go and when and what for ? I know I should be more excited >.< 

But all I wanna go is Shibuya and it's so far from here.. lol

But if I came to Japan first time for scholarship like what they experience, maybe I would be very excited like them too ^.^

I was about to meet Shintaro-nii too after dinner but we delayed it until tomorrow as it's easier
And my cosplayer friend Kaname-san lives in Chiba too, so I was thinking to meet him but he is in Philipines right now T_T; 

So I am forever alone now at hotel..

Never mind, I will just watch my L'Arc~en~Ciel World Live Tour that I got from my bestie for bday present yeah!!


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