JENESYS 2.0 Day 3 : Tokyo Visual Arts College

October 13, 2013

stella lee in japan

Have any of you wanted to study in Japan, precisely their art school?

Since I was young, I have always been interested with art. I love Drawing, is it obvious hehe
 Though I am not someone who can neither sing nor dance, I enjoy the performance too!

As my purpose trip this time is for studying entertainment field in Japan, I was given opportunity to get a school visit to Tokyo Visual Arts College

Tokyo Visual Arts College

At first I thought it was just a boring school visit, but my expectation was broken down by the opening performances from students who are dreaming to become dancers and learn about it on this school

Their performance is high level and I cant believe that they're around same age with me, moreover, still studying

Tokyo Visual Arts College

Tokyo Visual Arts College

Tokyo Visual Arts College

It was the best student performances I have ever watched and it was well coordinated! 
I am surprised that the student level in Japan is this high! 
If only I could show you guys the video!!! >___<

Leslie Kee Tokyo Visual Arts College

Anyway, one of the most famous alumni from Tokyo Visual Arts College is Leslie Kee. Have any of you heard about him?
He has worked with countless of Asian Top Artists including my idol, Ayumi Hamasaki!!

After the performance and presentation, we're free to explore the building and visit booths made by the students of each department
I quickly ran to Special Effect Make Up Booth, hoping to learn something! 

Tokyo Visual Arts College

Tokyo Visual Arts College

And they offered free semi-permanent tattoo there

Tokyo Visual Arts College

Got rose on my neck hehehe

But to be honest I wished they taught me something.. lol

Tokyo Visual Arts College

Anyway there are many students that are very eye catching and really show themselves off through their appearance!
Like these cosplayers who are also students on the college
And they're girls hahahhaa! Why the white hair looks so handsome one


And I found this person who rocks Harajuku Street Style Fashion!
So cute! 

Tokyo Visual Arts College

harajuku boots

Now I want that shoes!!!!


Sorry to disappoint you but HE is an Otokonoko hahaha
Means a guy that crossdress as a girl LOL

His name is Yama chan! And we had common music interest toward V-Kei bands! 

Tokyo Visual Arts College

These are some of the students who danced for us. I dont get it why Japanese people always have perfect hair and perfect skin

To be honest, I feel that indonesian girls are much cuter but Japanese work so hard to upgrade their level. They really take care of their appearance and very perfectionist about beauty thing. So DONT LOSE, Indonesian girls!! ^.^

Tokyo Visual Arts College

Some of digital art works by the students.. Too impressive...
And they're just college, 2 years only...

What have I done for 4 years in university -_-

Tokyo Visual Arts College

They also have super high-tech machines and studio to facilitate students who want to become voice actors/actress/singers!!

Also students who want to work as musician, can also study how to operate those machines omg~!

Tokyo Visual Arts College

With Mu'Iz from Brunei..
I joked that he's the prince of Brunei and everyone called him Prince afterwards, and someone got him Crown from Daiso in the end hahaha!!

Tokyo Visual Arts College

Also here are some posters that are done by the alumnus of Tokyo Visual Art College..
Spot any movies that you know???

Tokyo Visual Arts College

So excited that the alumnus also work on Sakurai Sho and Horikita Maki's films! 

Tokyo Visual Arts College

And this is the Special Effect Make Up Room!
Art student rooms are always messy ^_^;;

It's quite similar with art studios at my university hahaha

Tokyo Visual Arts College

Tokyo Visual Arts College

Tokyo Visual Arts College

The College was so much fun and the people are very fun and interesting
They really represent art students, and I feel that the level is super high
It's totally different than my university, or any universities that Ive visited

If I have chance in the future, I want to apply to study Special Effect Make Up there..

NHK Building

After College, we visited NHK to learn about how they become the top broadcasting company in Japan and even in the world. We visited the studios, and learned about the lecture and shows that they produce

Unfortunately camera is prohibited inside the building so there's no pictures to share

NHK Kawaii International Director

NHK Kawaii International Director, Mariko-san, came to say hi to me !
Joe-san who's the Assistant Director also came and greeted me. It was fun to see them again after 3 months? Last time I saw them was for Marble Wonderland

I always want to study in Japan but it's so expensive T_T
I want to learn about their make up and fashion!
I will look for scholarship hehehe 
I wish they have it! 

Anyway, do you guys also have dream to study abroad? ^_^

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  1. Gintoki (silver haired one) cosplayer is always cool! I've seen plenty and they're always, always, so dashing!
    I'm sure with all your achievements you can study in Japan, Stella!

  2. Awhh looks like fun! But just wondering.. What is a semi permanent tattoo?? Is it just those regular ones you can put on with water? Ahaha

  3. I always like visiting other schools because you can compare it to your own education. I love passionate students because they are full of potential. If I could study overseas, I would study in Japan. I'm studying to be a teacher at the moment and I'd love to see their philosophies on education.

  4. wow, it looks so good! :o the perfomances looked really professional!

  5. Wow I am very interested to hear about your story!
    Yeah I also like to compare my own education, and especially if I can learn something from the others ^_^

  6. They use special ink which will fade 2-3 days later XD

  7. ahh.. I dont watch the anime so IDK T_T sorry..
    Haha scholarship is usually for those who are super great in study, and government doesn't really have scholarship for art field T.T

  8. groaaahhh ALWAYS want to school in Japan! sejak SD! sampe sekarang! :">

  9. look very interesting , always wanted to go japan ~~

  10. Wow I feel the same way about those digital art works and that school is amazing, wish I could afford to go to an art school instead of the crappy college I'm in now LOL~

  11. OMG!! you joined Jenesys 2.0? What program did you take?
    I also apllied Jenesys 2.0 (for anime) but failed :(
    I hope I can joined similiar program next time >.<

  12. Woo kayaknya disana makin seru aja kegiatannya, jadi pengen ikutan juga >3<

  13. this is so awesome <3 it must be a dream to be able to study something fun for a change :)

  14. Gintama is a good anime when you need stress relief, it's full humor and nonsensical things, but at some point, they hold important message about life^^
    Even if your score isn't that good, if you have so many achievements (like you already) have, I think it's a plus point!

  15. Wah..kulit mereka bagus banget.. >.<

  16. amazing! (oh, Leslie Kee... from my country~ ^^;;) it seems great to study in this school~

  17. Whoaaa so impressive and interesting! Thanks for sharing with us!

    PS. loving your new blog layout!!!!! SOO cute and pretty!

  18. I picked entertainment ^_^
    Try again for the next batch!!

  19. hahaha.. no matter how crappy the school is, you can always be successful based on your own self!^^