JENESYS 2.0 Day 5 : Entertainment Business in Fukuoka and Japan

October 30, 2013

Noh Mask


Scare you?

Clearly this is a mask that I tried during my JENESYS 2.0 Scholarship when I visited Noh & Kyogen Theater ^.^ Specifically, this kind of mask represents the traditional Japanese Pretty Women back then, hundred years ago

Though I must say that it's so creepy if we look at it on present
Ready to know my story??  

Noh Theatre

My purpose of visit for this scholarship is to learn more about the entertainment industry in Japan. Precisely, Fukuoka, where it claims that they are the Kawaii-Ku! 

And what's better to study this field by visiting both traditional and modern entertainment that supports Japan economic, culture, as well as business?

First step is the Noh & Kyogen Theatre

To put it simply, Noh is Japanese Traditional Performances that combines music, dance, drama, and literature-poetry using old Japanese language. Even the Japanese people itself have difficulty to understand the whole meaning of the story because of the language that's used is very enchanting and deep. It is a popular entertainment performance hundred years ago. Meanwhile, Kyogen is a more comedic performance compared to Noh

Stella Lee in Japan

My make up on that day! I overcurled my hair T____T looks bad hiks


With some of my friends on the same group

Niz from Malaysia, Michelle from Australia, and Baba from India

 I freaking love my skin when I visit Japan during this kind of season. My skin suits cold places more and Japanese water is such a magic. My skin glows healthily omg!! 

Anyway, not only we are able to watch the performance [which unfortunately the pictures cannot be taken], we were also given chance to try seeing the costume

Suddenly the Noh Staff appointed Satria, another student from Indonesia, to try being one of the women characters. He wore the beautiful kimono and the mask

However, he was picked because the staff said that usually for kimono, the bigger your body is, the better it looks like. So usually for skinny people they have to wrap their bodies with so many fabrics so it looks buff. But satria is big enough so no need to put anything LOLOL 

Noh Theatre

So hundred years ago in Japan, fat girls were in high demand

What a huge contrast compared to the beauty that Japan perceived right now considering that Japanese people are mentioned as the skinniest citizen averagely in the world and there's also a law about being fat in Japan.. 

Noh Theatre

And here you go the beautiful Satria Japanese woman LOL

Anyone wanna marry her??

Noh Mask

Blake from New Zealand and I also tried using the mask. People said that he looked so creepy hahahaha! 

Noh Sensei

With one of the staffs

I did have so many questions about it but there was not enough time but from what I gained is

This traditional performance is inherited generation by generation and usually the performers had learned about it since they were young. It's amazing how something cultural like this still can be exist and the family members are still willing to protect the cultural performance so it won't be dying

I did watch Arashi show where one of the guests was a Noh performer and she said that the payment wasn't that good but I think because she loves Noh and wants to protect the culture, so she still keeps doing her job whole heartedly. Though do you know, some of the Noh Masks do not have price because it has historical background that you cannot imagine hence the priceless price

Noh Theatre

We also learned about how to play the instrumentals as well as the voice training of the performers and I do have to say that IT IS TOUGH! I do respect their job and how they have so much pride on their job

Noh Theatre


With my group, along with one of the staffs that was teaching us on that day
Now I miss them already T_____T

Apart from the traditional performance, what if we go back to the current era where we mostly follow about Pop Music Culture
And of course you must have known that the current boom is Idol Group

So many young girls in Japan aspire to be one, especially after the AKB48 Boom. Thus giving the idea to headmaster of Nishi Nippon Junior College to make a faculty focusing on students to pursue their dream becoming an idol! 

Nishi Nippon Junior College

We visited the College and were welcomed by many beautiful and stylish students! 

Nishi Nippon Junior College

Besides learning how to be host, they are also learning singing and dancing as well as modelling

Nishi Nippon Junior College

This Kaede-san wants to be a singer

Nishi Nippon Junior College

Also they created their own idol group. The left one is Ami-san and she looks like Matsui Rena from AKB48 hehe.. And my friend Baba has his love at first sight with her loll

Nishi Nippon Junior College

Nishi Nippon Junior College

Everyone was dancing and singing happily!

Nishi Nippon Junior College

They also had their fashion show session and I was asked to give a walk as well T/////T

I rejected at first cos I was wearing slipper at that time HAHAHA but in the end I did it along with many female students
Everyone on the college was so stylish! 

Fukuoka Landscape

Looking at both traditional and modern entertainment industry in Japan really opens up my eyes that Japan though is a very modern country but is also still rich in their own traditional culture and there are also people who want to protect it so it wont be forgotten

Those people's dream are so different between each other but what I can grasp is that their willingness and determination to always give their best in their each performance to entertain the audience

I always respect people who do their job with a full speed and energy and they inspire me a lot to do my best in life too
Everyone's dream in different but as long as everyone works hard in their own goal and gives their best to the citizen, then this world will become a better place

Living your life without a dream is so pointless
Human needs to have at least a little dream to be happy and enjoy this life

Even by having a wish of eating takoyaki in Japan is also a dream

No matter how small it is, do your best to actualise it sooner or later
The feeling of achieved something that you've wanted for so long is as priceless as Noh mask LOL

Hope this inspires you ^____^

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