JENESYS 2.0 Day 4 : The Journey of Finding Yatai

October 24, 2013

Fukuoka City at Night

Continuing my JENESYS Japan Trip! 

I was transferred to Fukuoka prefecture from Tokyo to visit this City and learn about their Kawaii Entertainment. Do you know that Fukuoka is also the city of Kawaii because this city is the most city in Japan that has beauty salons and places to make you feel Kawaii, even compared to Tokyo? :D

And recently they even got new Kawaii Ambassador from Fukuoka itself, Mikaela that's famous for her youtube channel, replacing Shinoda Mariko from AKB48

We took a flight from Tokyo through Haneda and we received a lecture about Fukuoka at first, and continued by Okonomiyaki Dinner

Fukuoka City at Night

But my individual traveler feeling is so strong. As many as you know, I often travel alone and that's why I love making itinerary by myself and exploring things that I couldn't find in Indonesia, or stuffs that is interesting to share with you guys!

So without knowing the language nor the city, I walked ALONE in Fukuoka to find Yatai!

Yatai is a street food stall, and I want to eat Hakata ramen! Hakata is an area in Fukuoka that's famous for its ramen, and now all over Japan they sell Hakata Ramen but obviously you have to try the real Hakata Ramen on the real place itself!

No make up, airplane hair, but I was ready to wonder around by myself!!

That's the thrill of travelling !!!!! 

Mister Donut Hello Kitty Halloween

When you're walking around city you'll find many things that you might miss if you ride bus or train.. 
Like this Mister Donut that sells Hello Kitty Halloween Special Donut!

Fukuoka City at Night

And artsy street that reminds me of Kota Tua, Jakarta

Autumn Leaves in Japan

It's too early for the leaves changing color to red but I managed to find some on the street that's about to change and I am so happy for the magic of nature!

I was rushing with time and ran everywhere as I was lost [I am always lost lol]
In the end I found the Yatai Street after so many hardships HAHAHA 

It's in Nakasu-gawa Area

When I was there I was surprised that this area is similar with Kabuki-cho, Tokyo, where they have so many hostess clubs

I decided to not take picture as I was afraid to be in trouble LOL

Hakata Ramen in Fukuoka

But in the end I find Yatai!!!

And ordered my hakata ramen!!!
A kind salaryman ojiisan was offering to take my picture as he knew that I am a tourist hahaha

Hakata Ramen in Fukuoka

Why I want to eat at Yatai?

Because I believe that you should experience everything when you're traveling!

I can eat Ramen that's maybe nicer and more meat in the food court, but you cannot buy the feeling of eating Ramen on street stall with all the Japanese drinking after finishing their job, and the windy night outside is priceless!

And this Nakasu-gawa Yatai is located next to Nakasu River so you can enjoy the river and lights building scenery while enjoying the real taste of Japanese Street food

I almost cried when I ate it, not because I was hungry nor the food was so good
I have tasted better

But I am happy that I am able to eat something that not most tourists can enjoy, with my hardwork by catching up on time and running alone by myself in this unknown city

Then I also remembered how long my journey has been, as my little dream was just to visit Tokyo and eat Takoyaki and Sushi there
But now I eat Hakata Ramen, in its Hometown, by finding it on my own

 photo 12_zpsa1b67bb4.png

I am grateful to be alive

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  1. still cute without make up seriously >_< ahhh~ I also want go to japan kukuuu~

  2. lucuu km stel dgn rambut dan jaket itu XD kayak anak SMA hahaha

  3. Stellaa, lucuuu tanpa make up, so natural *o*

  4. Kawaii >w< Someday I will go to Japan by myself, like you here! XD
    Wish I can be someone like you >w<)9

  5. You can!!! :D The key is just working hard!

  6. kalo bisa gak dipublish juga maunya sih xD;; tapi sayangnya klo gak, gak ada fotonya

    no pic = hoax LOL

  7. T_______T kalo gpake mekap slalu dikatain gitu

  8. I want to visit Japan too!! lucky!! xx

  9. i'll be in tokyo this mid February..and i also like to travel alone just like u. can u give some tips to travel there? i can't speak japaneseee *dead