Bugs Bugging

October 11, 2013

Apparently, I had been thinking about my health for the past few days 
There was something that really bugs me

I noticed that there was a sudden bump and reddish area on my chest when I was in Japan
I freaked out but I tried to manage myself composed and didn't let anyone know while I was there

I wanted to go back home as soon as possible to visit Doctor
But obviously I had to wait until the program finished until I could go back home

Then I thought about the worst case

'does it happen to me?'

Then I also thought about how to continue my life and what I want to do
Turn out that I had many many things that I haven't accomplished in this life. And about I haven't done much enough for my mom. Also I haven't visited many places and haven't experienced many things
And blablabla

Today I finally visited doctor and good news is that it's not anything bad
I just had infection caused maybe by bugs wtf =_______=



I already bought the medicines and it will recover within 3 days
So that's why I can blog about this

If I had the illness, I wouldn't be able to write about it on my blog

And so I was thinking
Maybe I overworked and this infection caused me enough time to think more about life, and how your health is the most important thing in life

I am still lucky that it's just small infection but what if I had worse? ;___;
It gives me a little time to think more about the purpose of my life and what I really need to do in fact
I noticed that human's time is limited and we don't know how long the time each person has

So this is just a little reminder to myself

Live your life without regret! 

And I also want everyone to stay healthy as health is the most expensive thing in this world

Good night

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