JENESYS 2.0 Day 2 : Kawaii Culture and Harajuku

October 05, 2013

autumn in japan

Autumn in Japan these days is a mixture of sunny summer and windy winter, including a light rain during the second day. I still haven't seen the red leaves like I thought, but some leaves have left its branch and fallen on the street, leaving the asphalt a little messy in a beautiful way

This is Tokyo, and the second day of my JENESYS 2.0 program ^_^ 


For the second day, the entertainment category had a lecture by Mr Renato Rivera Rusca, the Assistant professor in Meiji University School of Commerce, about Japanese Popular Culture and Cool Japan
I was very excited to know learn about the lecture and study Japanese Culture further

what is cool japan

Basically he explained to us about Japanese Pop Culture right now is linked by their traditional culture. and the Japanese Government is trying to merge Creative Japan and Industrial Japan right now by the project of Cool Japan

And J-Pop Culture that's very popular overseas such as their manga, anime, fashion, and such, are in fact only their sub-culture and not widely known by many people in Japan itself. So they're trying to promote this more, both to local and overseas. Japanese People usually think that those stuffs are normal until someone tells them that it's uncommon to see in other countries

So that's why Cool Japan and Kawaii is all about. To represent and give new insights about what's unique in Japan, and things that you can only get in Japan ^_^

kawaii ambassador

They also have some programs to get their Kawaii Ambassador Program *grins*
And in case you remember, that's Misako Aoki on the picture. She's my friend and Rin rin's friend who's a famous lolita model and becomes the Kawaii Lolita Ambassador in Japan

I've worked with her twice, which is for Marble Wonderland Fashion Collection in Tokyo and AFA ID 2013

And I can say that she's very cute and deserves to be the Lolita Ambassador


I felt like a nice student, listening to the lecture diligently with my friends who came from different countries and cultures


We also had Q & A Session

stella lee in japan

As I wasn't satisfied with the lecture, I ran to Mr Rusca after the lecture finished and got some nice chat and discussion about Japanese Culture. He's very smart and I got new insights about Japan clearer 


Anyway, this is my group. Each group has representatives around 1-3 persons from each country so the background of us are very rich and colourful

I dyed my hair darker this time for this scholarship but in the end still got it lighter than everyone else lol

stella lee in japan

After the lecture, the schedule was supposed to be going to Harajuku, so I got myself a simple rock outfit from the morning


And I haven't put proper make up yet as the morning was lecture session haha. This is with the leader of the group, Baba, from India~ Namaste! 

japanese food

Our healthy lunch

I always love Japanese Cherry Tomatoes!

takeshita dori street

Arriving in Harajuku, I quickly put on my blonde wig and did some snapshots. As it's Harajuku la haha.. And I was about to meet Shintaro-nii and a co-worker to talk about a project. And he will be upset if Stella Lee comes with dark hair lol 

takeshita dori street

Taking picture with Michelle, from Australia

takeshita dori street

And Blake from New Zealand~! 

takeshita dori street

Just did quick shopping like only within 30 minutes. I miss Takeshita Dori, I am so happy by only walking on this street and do window shopping

This time I bought a few Autumn clothes and shoes, I love Autumn-Winter clothes! 

takeshita dori street

After listened to the lecture, I can kinda link that Harajuku Style is really not for every Japanese. No one really knows Visual Kei there, there are only a few people who are into it. Or there are not so many people who dye their hair blonde. To be honest, yes, Japanese people in majority are pretty normal. Both in styles and their behaviour as well as their mind

But only the weird, the cute, and the unique things are getting exposed and it makes people overseas thought that everyone in Japan are like that. But as you can see from the picture above that they're quite normal. Stylish, and have colored hair. But neither as eccentric nor as blonde as everyone thinks about. No one really puts Hatsune Miku outfit and walks on the street lol

Then for 1 hour and more, I just stayed with Shintaro-nii and our client to talk about business at a cafe in Harajuku area. I wish to explore more again, but I will be coming back very soon too, so yeah.. Still have next time hehe

japanese tempura

At night we had Tempura for our dinner

japanese tempura

Japanese vegetables is always the best and freshest so I really recommend you to eat their veggies when you have chance to come to Japan in the future. Their fruits aren't as sweet as in South East Asia though


I am glad that I got a new insight about knowing the background of Japanese Pop Culture more through this program
I will share about the next day soon ^,^

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