Brightlele Platinum Blonde Wig

October 23, 2013

I always want to try Platinum Blonde but I am so afraid that my hair cannot bear with it. I have seen a few friends of mine pull of Platinum Blonde Hair and it was AWESOME
But there's always a price for it T___T 

Brightlele Platinum Blonde Wig

So what's better than having a wig! 

Brightlele Platinum Blonde Wig

The one that I picked is from this collection. A long wig with some soft curl on the end. Got MB/M Shade! 

To be honest, when I saw all the wigs, I WANNA TRY EVERYTHING so it's always very difficult for me to choose once every time I order. But to have a new one once in a while is already lucky enough so I am grateful <3

Brightlele Platinum Blonde Wig

This one comes without a Box as it's cheaper [weight issue] LOL
But it comes with hair net as well! 

Japan Platinum Blonde Wig

The wig comes very soft, and like what I always say, Brightlele is my favorite wig!
It's not hot and itchy at all when I am wearing it, unlike cheap china wig.. 
Also it's stretchable easily ^_____^ 

People always ask me whether it's painful and hot

If you already try the bad one, this one feels like heaven lol

Brightlele Platinum Blonde Wig

Some other picture... I was trying out Filter on my camera haha

And these pictures for my Creepy Wooden Doll Look was taken by my new camera too. I was inspired to doll Halloween Doll Look because of this wig! 
The color is so doll-like!!! 

Creepy wooden doll make up

The make up is in fact not that difficult, just need to draw two lines besides my mouth to make myself like a wooden doll. It's just shading technique using dark brown eyeshadow

The rest is just my ordinary gyaru eye make up, and a little thinner eyebrow as well as red lips with dark gradation inside

My wooden-hand took more time T_____T

Creepy wooden doll make up

The wig is so fluffy and can be used for many make up styles! 

Creepy wooden doll make up

I will do more make up inspired with this wig maybe hehe

Do you like this wig?

Mine is sponsored by Hazelnutz Cawaii, my all the time favorite online shop for wig! ^_^
Do visit their shop for more wig selections

If you're lucky enough to be living in Japan, you can visit their Brightlele website or store directly! 

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