Rock that Rock

October 03, 2013

I will just do the fashion post this time as it's faster to blog haha. Proper blogpost takes so much time and I've started becoming busy after the second day. Will blog about it soon

harajuku rock style

So, I had free time in Harajuku for the second day in Harajuku and I decided to go back to Harajuku style a little as I really like their street rock-ish look

harajuku rock style

The wig is my new wig from Brightlele, my favorite brand of wig. I really miss long blonde hair, so I got a new one. It's so fluffy and soft! As always it doesnt disappoint me. The wig is sponsored by Hazelnutz Cawaii 

harajuku rock style

I only had a short time in Harajuku so I decided to do a quick shopping and had meeting afterwards for my next project in Japan. Jenesys 2.0 gave the students only 2 hours free time in Harajuku as our schedule is very tight

harajuku rock style

I will update more. Basically this is a very simple rock style. Just throw all the rock aspects and tadaa lol

I hope you like my style ^.^

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