Alindra Jimbaran Villa - Indonesian Traditional Villa in Bali

October 02, 2015

As some of you know that I ran away to Lombok-Bali last weekend for a breather. I will blog about the trip soon, mostly Lombok as it's so beautiful. In Bali I did nothing besides normal sightseeing and couldn't take many pictures. However the villa that I was staying at was traditionally beautiful

I stayed in Jimbaran this time because I wanted to get away from the noisy Seminyak. In Jimbaran there're many awesome villas and I got myself stranded into this private Villa named Alindra, and it's one of the best things ever

Alindra Jimbaran is a vila under Avilla Hospitality 

Alindra Villa has less than 15 private villas in their complex that is inspired by traditional Indonesia house. You can really experience the real Indonesia here depending on which house you pick, they also play some cozy music all day long to bring out the mood. I can even hear chicken plays and bird chirps lol

They also have outdoor Jacuzzi
All the other customers that I saw are white tourists, I guess this kind of traditional feeling is really enchanting for foreigners ^.^

Although it is traditional-thematic villa, the bathroom itself is pretty modern and they also have aircon and television so don't worry. It's also clean and not giving scary vibe at night, but more like quiet village-feeling

As for the breakfast, it's served to our villa, and we can eat at our dining room altogether while looking at the scenery. The breakfast can be ordered the day before by filling the questionnaire of what we want. Since I was going to eat at many places, I didn't eat much during morning

I love how they provide a lot of jams selections, I LOVE TRYING OUT JAMS a lot :D
Their poached egg is also perfection haha

I stayed only for 2 nights at Ethnic Two Bedroom Villa but I'd love to try their other rooms in the future. Shall everyone want to have an Indonesian traditional-vibe of village, please do take a look at Alinda Villa Website

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