Brown Lipstick Like Kylie Jenner

October 29, 2015

Recently I am so into Kylie Jenner so I decided to play around with my brush. This make up look is inspired by her make up. Dark high archy eyebrows, sultry eye make up with big double eyelid [using Starry Light Magic Eye Tape, DA BOMB!], heavy contouring on my face, and brown lipstick. This look is perfect for fall as it's quite goth imo

I decided to ditch my contact lens, and I stop photoshoping my face like Japanese-Korean girl that has small V-Line
Instead, I embraced my high cheek bone and square jaw that's very prominent these days due to losing weight 

I am still not comfortable to see myself without circle lens, but let's step up on the game!
I am happy that it received many compliments from my friends and I'd love to replicate it again. However, the process is very long and I haven't put make up this long in ages lol

Loving Liquid Lipstick, this one is La Splash in Untamed. I will review the collection soon on my blog!

Julian told me to make the tutorial for this look because she loves it too much. And she wants me to do her make up like this next time, which is I'm up for it! Cos she's my friend la

However people seem to be mistaken that I do make up for everyone
Unfortunately, I am not make up artist neither I do make up for people. I do it only when there's special requests from people that I know, when I need money, or when I feel like to

I dont accept inquiry at the moment, especially for free...
Just this morning I got a message from a colleague that wants make up to be done, and guess what, just for fun..

I charged "friend's price" and my friend's startled

I have encountered this kind of people a lot. In fact, mostly my close friends never ask me to do their make up, ask me for my products, or even ask for free endorsement

People who are shameless are people who dont know me well but think they can, because we're colleagues.. Problem is, I love money and I dont do things for free
My make up, time, and effort to put make up on somebody else are worth a lot

In fact, when it's my close friends I always say I'll do it for them but they always "tahu diri" and reject me :"< 

I dont know if any of you have encountered the same problem? I know majority who read my blog, can do make up. So, have you ever been asked to do make up for free as well by anyone around you?
How do you deal with it?

See you guys on my next post!

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