Post Card from Tanjung Aan Lombok

November 02, 2015

I almost forgot to write back about this Lombok post which have been in my draft post for quite a while. Basically I visited Tanjung Aan and rented a boat to visit Bat Cave and some attractions surrounding. I recommend you to rent it with your friends as it's quite worth it. I got it for around Rp 350.000 and I spent around 2-3 hours until the sun set 

Tanjung Aan itself is beautiful but not as beautiful as Mawun Beach. There were far more tourists so we moved to secluded area, which is Pantai Batu Payung. Took us around 25 mins drive with strong wave as we went

Visited it simply to take pictures with this rock
It's just too huge, stands there all mighty basking under the sun

The panorama around the area

The path is quite difficult and I had to get the mas-mas staffs from the boat to help me climbing the cliff and walk on dangerous area. I almost lost my breath there lol

I took many shots from many angles at the island. Wherever you go, it's just rock and water with some tiny little human. Don't you feel small whenever you travel?

The boat brought me to this private area of Tanjung Aan where it's just us! The white sand is powdery, the water is clear light blue and warm, and no human around me. What a bliss!! 

Uploaded this pic on Instagram and somebody said I must be a good girl because I cant pose with bikini shot LOLOL

O hello flat tummy T____T <3 
All thanks to Dapurfit !

Yang motoin iya mas-mas yang nyetir perahunya LOL

It'd be better if I bring someone who can help taking more photogenic pictures but I'm already grateful toward mas-mas Lombok who helped me around Lombok and took the picture. They even tried selfie with my camera LOL 

Indonesian are warm, I hope they preserve their kindness

See you again when I see you, Lombok

See you guys on my next post!

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