La Splash Lip Couture Review and Swatch

November 06, 2015

Do you know what's the latest beauty product boom right now in lip category? Liquid Lipstick. It's been a big hit for the past 2 years and it's not stopping anytime soon
I owned myself a few Lime Crime Velvetines products but it's quite pricey, therefore a cheaper dupe is under my investigation. One of a brands that receive pretty good feedback is La Splash due to its wide selection of colors and affordable price

Guess what, I bring you here the whole collection~~~!!!!!

Packaging looks normal, with transparent plastic bottle and gold cap. The brand and product's name are printed on the same shade of gold. I love how they show the color through its transparent bottle as it's easier to check which color you'll take among other shades

The applicator tip is slightly bend and it makes the whole application easier. It's very nice to create precise line and especially on cupid's bow area

From left to right :
Innocent Vixen, Untamed, Poison Apple, Till Midnight, Forbidden, Hidden Desires, Rose Garden, Lollipop, Latte Confession, Summer Bliss, Vampire, Criminal, Ghoulish, Phantom, Malevolent, Vendictive, Venom

The color stays true to its outside color, the pigmentation is awesome and the colors are all gorgeous and different between each other. It glides smooth and one applicator take out is more than enough for your whole lip

I am not using lip liner on my lip swatch because I want to stay true to its color
Here's my personal thought on every color

Innocent Vixen

When I first tried it, suddenly I screamed "this is my perfect nude lips!" 
I have been abandoning nude lips for so long because I am into bold red lips these days. It made me look sick and pale, and I hate it. However this Innocent Vixen that is a warm peachy nude shade compliments my skin and it's amazing to be used along with smokey or heavy dark eye make up. When worn alone for daily basis, it's a little bit too nude for my personal preference though

I am NC 20-25 anyway and this works well so much on me. People with similar skin shade with me, please please try this one out!

Amazing brown lipstick that I have worn before on my last post about Kylie Jenner  . I swore by this shade as it's so gorgeous! It's a dark brown with a little bit of plum shade mixed, very unique and different! This is the first brown liquid lipstick that I recommend when you wonder which one to buy!

Poison Apple
A classic red lipstick that everyone should have. It appears slightly lighter than what on the tube shows. The color is fine but nothing special, slightly too dark for my preference though. I think somebody with darker complexion would pull it off better

Till Midnight
A bright warm orange shade that screams F-U-N to be added into your collection. The orange is not too bright unlike my 3ce liquid pigments that I owned, which is good as it helps brightening up my complexion without making myself like a clown

A hot pink shade that reminds me of Barbie, the color is very bold and bright. I would wear it with light eye make up to make this shade the highlight

Hidden Desires
Bright purple color with pink undertone, and surprisingly I think this is the purple shade that most of people can wear. It's not too pale, yet not too dark. And since it has a bit of pink tint, it's perfectly a safe choice shall you want to try purple lipstick for the first time

Rose Garden
Pale purple shade that kinda gives ghostly vibe which is on trend right now. However it doesnt really suit me neither I like the shade. It's simply too pale and making myself look dull in the end

Lollipop is a light pink shade that reminds me of Strawberry Candy. I think the shade is much better for people with lighter complexion and I even almost cant pull it off as it looks too out of place on me. It gives an impression of kawaii / cute / youthful look

Latte Confession
Something that I would wear for everyday basis, is this Latte Confession, a neutral shade with a mix of brown and pink at its best. However I think it's a little bit too dark for me, somebody with slightly darker skin color than me would think that it's a good everyday color. 

Summer Bliss
Summer Bliss is a bright coral shade that surprisingly is very wearable for everyone in my opinion. I would recommend this shade for anyone who's too scared to try hot pink shade like Forbidden, but still want to try bright color once in a while 

A dark burgundy shade that stays true to its name, Vampire. This color is very sexy and seductive, and really looks amazing when worn alone, or with heavy make up. The color gives subtle gothic vibe

The darkest purple shade for La Splash Lip Coutune up to this moment and surprisingly although I did say Hidden Desires is very wearable to everyone, I LOVE Criminal the most as it's a true purple shade but since it's on dark shade, it's not too attention-seeker to be used daily. It helps boosting my confidence and for the first time I thought to myself, purple lipstick is so fun!

A pale brown shade that is one of this year's color, and it's said to be the dupe for CASHMERE from Lime Crime. However I think only the chosen one who can wear this shade. It's not flattering on me, neither on my friends. It makes teeth look yellow and I look like I was a heavy smoker with dark disgusting lips and didnt have time to put lipstick yet
Any suggestion to wear it ?

A blue purplish shade which is unique and interesting in certain way, however I have doubt to wear it more than 5 times lol

For those of you who are too afraid to wear black lipstick, malevolent is the choice. With almost-black shade but still with a hint of red-burgundy color, making it a little bit safer than black. For me I feel it's a mixture of Vampire and Venom, and I dont have interest to repurchase it

A pale blue shade that reminds me of 90's make up for some reasons lol Another Nah for me, I dont think I can wear it frequently

A true black shade, nothing else. Shall you need to release your inner dark side, pick this one, period!

This is the full swatch of my lip comparison

Here you can see the comparison of the lip colors from my FOTD
My skin is NC20-NC25 so I hope it gives you guys idea how it will turn out when it's applied on you

Regarding the product itself, I think it's almost too good to be true. First of all, it's moisturizing but it dries on matte [how I love Liquid Lipstick <3], and it's spread very easily. The color on my lips when applied, stays true to its original color. The range of shades are fantastic but there's always room to add! I wish they carry more red shades though. There's quite a chemical smell from the tube when you sniff though

It is super long lasting and non-transferrable. HOWEVER, due note that when you eat carelessly, like when the oils spread on the lips, this La Splash cracks and comes off in buds, leaving no tint underneath. The layer falls off very easily and when you retouch it, make sure that your lips is perfectly dry otherwise it will crack even more

But when you dont have anything on your lips, like maybe drinking from straw, consider it safe. So please always check your lips, as when it comes off, in my experience it's only cracked on the center and it gives my lips a very obvious outer line -.-

Despite that major problem, one minor problem is that it feels a little bit sticky when I smack my lips together

It is however very waterproof, I even tried removin it using water based remover, my Bioderma Cleansing Water, and it doesn't move an inch. So you can wear it for swimming I think? lol [Havent tried before though!] You need to cleanse it properly using oil-based, it comes off easily ^^

Pros : 
Smooth and easily spreadable on lips
Very pigmented
Wide range of shades
Long lasting
 The shades stay true to its original color when applied
 Affordable price

Cons :
Has strong chemical smell from the tube
Cracks easily when you're eating carelessly
Quite tricky when being retouched
 A little bit sticky when lips are smacked together


The products are sponsored by TWL Cosmetics as a review purpose
It's around 14$ but TWL sells La Splash Lip Couture in Indonesia for Rp 185.000 which is in my opinion, very very affordable. I mean, dollar is rising up and importing stuffs are very difficult these days T_T

My favorite colors are = Innocent Vixen, Untamed, Till Midnight, Forbidden, and Criminal! 
Should you buy it? YES YES!!!

It is half price compared to lime crime, but you still get to have the famous liquid lipstick. It totally changes the look, so at least have one, it's a must!

See you guys on my next post!

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