November 23, 2015

Hello guys! Long time not update with my personal thought
So I have been trying to compose my life back on track again. To be honest it's all the same boring stuff and I decided to not be that active on social medias and messenger application for these last few months

I decided to work out more, catch up more with friends, and go out with family more. Mostly people say they spot me at gym or at church. Well yea, that's what I've been doing 

Long time readers would have known that I am a catholic but I have been thinking to switch to Christian church for so long. Through a friend's friend's invitation, I decided to join JPCC Church at Kota Kasablanca and been diligently going there for the last 3 months or so

It's not like I have a completely new religion as it's still the same God I bow down to, and the same Jesus I follow. However, due to many personal reasons, I decided to join this church and so far it's been good

I joined its community called DATE as well and I made a lot of new friends
I have also tried to expand my real life circle more through many things, as I do realize that I lack of it lol
Anyway, my good friend, Julian Tanoto also sometimes goes with me to the same church. So if you follow me on Snapchat, you might have noticed that I was with her many times on Sunday ^.^

The clothes I was wearing are from her brand as well
Top and Skirt is from Cloth Inc
Everytime I wear her clothing line, I always say that it fits so well and helps shaping my body to a better proportion. The cutting and the fabric are superior compared to other indie brands I have tried so far, and the price is so affordable compared to buying brands at mall. I cant stress enough that it might look simple on the picture or catalogue, but once you try it, it's surprisingly amazing

Anyway as for Julian, I am glad that she's such an inspirative and mature person. I have a lot of deep talk with her considering my belief, my business, my career, my life, my love life, and so on. I never realized that in fact we would be this close haha. Usually I always hit off very fast with everyone but with her, we met through mutual friend and never really contacted each other until she wanted to endorse me

I dont even remember when we become close but since then we gradually becoming closer and I feel like we are walking on the same track to the same goal. I admire her career as she's the same age with me but has been doing much better than everyone but stay humble and low-profile. Talking with her is always a pleasure and I am glad that I found good friend at this age

As I get older, I realize that I have lesser friends than before. Partly as everyone is busy with job and everyone have little time to spend, and so people tend to only see people they're closest with. And it might be because people have been tired to socialize? Or maybe it's just me?

But I have been nothing but given chance to meet many amazing people in my life, and forever grateful that those people can make me a better version of myself through many things. Which, I hope that I could give back to the other, hoping that people would find my existence useful in life

And so, I have been trying my best to get out from cave and socialize more LOL

This year will soon come to an end and I am rushing to finish project that I have been working on almost half a year. I hope I can launch it by end of the year and I cant wait to share it with everyone

May all of you also have amazing encounter

See you guys on my next post!

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