Taste of Tohoku

November 16, 2015

How many of you know about Osaka-Kyoto in Kansai, and Hokkaido with its main city, Sapporo?
You must have known about it!

However, how about Tohoku?

Do you have any idea where it is?
I dont blame you if you dont know because Tohoku is not popular tourism area for foreigners. Usually we only visit the Golden Route which is Tokyo-Osaka-Kyoto to experience Japan. So here's the map of Tohoku!

Hope you get a little idea about it!
If not, let me remind you with a little informations. I am sure you guys read Crayon Shinchan, but have you ever wondered where the characters are from?

So Akita area is where Shinchan's grandfather from his dad's side's from! It is Hiroshi's hometown! [While Misae is from Kyushu, a different island]
So if you read the manga a lot, Shinchan did visit Akita a lot of times when he's spending time with his grandparents ^.^ Now, better re-read the manga to find out about Akita haha! 

Now you've got a little idea of one area in Tohoku, let's talk about Tohoku itself

In March 2011, Tohoku had a terrible natural disaster that resulted in more than 15,000 deaths because of 9 Magnitude earthquake. Tsunami happened as the after-effect of the earthquake, and you can read about 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami on Wikipedia. To cut it short, it's the biggest earthquake that has ever happened in Japan, and one of the worst disasters to the rising-sun country in the past decade

Before and after the Tsunami hit

Tohoku has harsh climate and mostly they relay on tourism. However with over than 200.000 people losing their home, the area's are destroyed, the economy falling apart, Tohoku was at its tightest spot

I followed the news a few years ago and read a lot of stories about it. At that time I really thought, no one could handle it better than Japan. Japanese government, talents, and citizens put a lot of effort to rebuild the area back. Even when I was watching Arashi or Jhonny's show, there were a lot of clips showing them helping to make Tohoku back on track. One of my fav legends, Gackt, was also giving a lot of helps and raise donation for the area through Gackt - Show Your Heart. It's a huge progress to make it back like it used to be, but they're working on it

Within only 4 years after the incident occured, Tohoku has been back on track slowly but surely. The picture above shows the progress of Tohoku recovery within the past years. However, not many people know about Tohoku yet, and no matter how good the situation is over there, if there are no people visiting the area, it's still considered failure. And, to support the economy and tourism, a facebook page called Taste of Tohoku is made to show people around the world about the beauty of Tohoku region

I first know about this project from one of my fav bloggers, Cheesie, whom supporting this project. Too many people show support of Tohoku, so I can't say no. Now I'll be supporting this project as well and I want you guys to take part as well. It costs you nothing, just 10 seconds
Simply LIKE Taste of Tohoku Facebook Fan Page, and ask your friends to like it as well. The more people know about Tohoku, the more people will visit Tohoku and it will help rebuilding the area as well. Which means, the touristy will be busier and more people will have jobs again in Tohoku

To support people in Tohoku, and to show that you love Japan, it's not a bad thing to like the facebook right. And they will regularly let you know about any information about Tohoku as well :)  

Thank you for your time!

See you guys on my next post!

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