Dapurfit Review - Clean Eating and Healthy Catering in Indonesia

November 19, 2015

If you followed me on Instagram, you must have known that I started eating healthy catering months back. I was recommended to Dapurfit by Elle & Jess as they have been loyal customer for years and I know how great and slim their body are. They use Dapurfit. Although some might raise voice by calling me that I was not fat with 48kg's weight [the heaviest of mine], my body's quite small. I am 155 cm only [5 feet 1] and 1 kilo is more prominent on my body compared to somebody who's taller

I was too stressed out and I ate a lot, typical.. And I guess it's really time to change

So I checked Dapurfit again, downloaded the price list, and read all the stuffs on their instagram. Decided that I would do and in the end, I joined the E Package which is a custom one specializing in FAT-loss

Why FAT loss?

Because the amount of fat you lose, will be better than losing your muscle. Our body consists of many things, fat, muscle, blood, water, and so on.. Losing your weight is easy and a lot of things can make you lose it very fast [like diet mayo] but in fact you'll gain it back because it's not done properly. In fact, the more you do bad diet, the more you'll gain weight as your metabolism will be destructed

So the right way is to increase your muscle and losing your fat through food and exercise. Eat clean is the key and the composition has big role. Dapurfit is used by many athletes and body builders, and there's no such thing such as quick fix. Good result needs time

The Food

Here are some of the foods that I had for the past 3 months

One box contains of 450-500 calories with the right composition
They have wide range of menus so I'm never bored with it

The salmon is huge, it's around 100gr and it's a high quality one. Very fresh! The chicken is boneless and skinless, and they give complex carbs instead of normal carbs
I wonder how come they make profit from giving so much awesome foods at one box lol

Dapurfit only uses the freshest ingredients available with almost no fat. They use no MSG but instead natural spices. As they deliver the food twice a day to ensure the best for customers, it's because for veggies, it has to be eaten within 4 hours after it's cooked otherwise it'll lose the nutrient. Unlike some caterings that deliver your food only once a day to cut the cost, I think this one is pretty good

Also, a friend of mine Anggy, tried another healthy catering and we were eating together. To be honest, I really thought that hers was done quite sloppy compared to Dapurfit. In Dapurfit, the chicken can be eaten just as it is because they've sliced everything for us, preparing for the best. As for another catering, they gave her a whole chicken. Not only you'll have difficulty eating it properly as you got to cut it by yourself, it kinds of cheating as the catering box looks bigger because they have the chicken bone as well. Which means you might have less meat as well

The Kitchen

Because I get to know the owner from Dapurfit, I have privilege to see the kitchen. In fact, Dapurfit welcomes any of their customers to visit their office and see the process freely. They have nothing to hide in terms of fresh ingredients, cleanness, staff standard, and so on

Look at the amount of healthy foods!!!

They count each portion to know the exact calorie given to customers

The kitchen environment is very clean. All the staffs must wear cap, gloves, and mask to ensure the hygiene

The Journal

At first, I was pretty shocked about how little the portion is, especially the rice.. I mean, I ate twice more than the meal inside the box on daily basis, and for the rice I had 2 big plates usually!
But after my first meal I didn't feel any hunger! It fills me enough surprisingly lol

My body was 48kg's at start. Usually I was around 45kg's but I over-ate as I was stressed out, hence the increase

After 5 days eating Dapurfit irregularly, which means it is not a strict diet and I still eat some other foods sometimes, and only went gym once. I lost 2kgs which I DONT KNOW HOW THE HELL IT HAPPENS BUT IT JUST WORKS D:
And I am not even hungry not craving that much. It satisfies my appetite and I was shocked cos I hadn't checked my weight since the first day
I just remembered when the staff told me that his uncle lost 2kg's within a week and I was like "oh, that's cool.. I guess mine just stay still"

Turn out I lost too, I am back at 46 kg's! LOL


After 3 weeks, my weight is between 45-46kg, but I eat 3 times a day. And it's all full-set meal
Although I haven't lost many, but I think my body looks better than the first week when I had 46 kg's. The weight stays still but the body shape is different. How come? I dont know either D:


Now it is 5th week, my weight is still between 44-45 kg and I eat twice a day only. When I am hungry, I eat one or two bananas and that's it. I am finally back on my original weight HOWEVER mom and friends at gym told me that I look super skinny and my body is quite good compared to my usual 45 kg's. I guess it is because I earn muscle and lose fat!

I am more motivated to exercise more to gain faster result. CHO HAPPY~


After 9th week, my weight has been 42-43kg's. It's reached the goal already!
I realized that there's certain thing. I dont lose weight every week. I lost 2 kg's on the first two weeks. Then it's stuck for 3 weeks before I lost another 2 kilos. Then stuck again for another 3 weeks before losing the last 2 kilos


After 12 weeks, my body is 42-43kg's but the shape is leaner and more toned. The weight stays the same but as my muscle increased and fat lost, the shape becomes better than before!
Saying that, let's move on to the result

The Result

So ok, I throw away my shame to show you the before and after
As I was writing about this and editing the picture, I didnt realize how far I've changed though. When I finally put the picture side by side, it clearly shows the difference

At first I was hesitant when they asked me to put this before and after picture as I have to show my body to the world. But in the name of review, here I take off my shirt LOL

After 3 months eating Dapurfit and still cheating here and there when I went to Bali and indulge myself with food and sometimes I go out for alcohol drinks with friends, the result is more than fantastic!

Besides eating healthy, I regularly go to gym to increase my muscle, about 1-3 times a week. 
Before being a consumer of Dapurfit, I have been going to gym as well but when you combine eat clean and exercise, the result is much better and faster!

I am 42kg's now!

As I mentioned before, this pants' purchased around May 2015 and it's tight fit on my waist. Now it's dropped to my hip wtf. After I measure it using measurement tape, my previous waist line which was 68, became 62-63cms in 3 months! And let me tell you, it's NOT going to bounce back

No matter how many body treatments I did which helped me to reduce 2-5cms in one treatment, the next morning it always bounces back. And duh, one treatment of it can get you like a month of Dapurfit supply. So my readers, be wise and think far?

Good thing doesnt come in easy
Easy come, easy go. Period

Bombarding you with my result which is unphotoshopped

My pants slipped off during the photoshoot, it's supposed to be kinda high waist in fact haha. But anyway, you see the line on my stomach? It's not prominent yet but reminded that months before I was having bouncy tummy and compared to the current me, this is an amazing improvement!!

The Conclusion

Dapurfit really changes the way I eat, the way I perceive food, and the way I pick ingredients for my own body. I can now understand why Elle & Jess really can build and maintain such figures, it's because they work on it and it's really through the help of Dapurfit

I used to think healthy catering is about controlling your calories intake but that's not it. When you read from Dapurfit Instagram and Ask Fm, you'll see that they're giving away many valuable informations whether you want to lose fat, gain weight, increase muscles, and such

So let me remind you why Dapurfit is a success diet story for me =

  • They use calorie intake as well, BUT it works better as they adjust the composition of carbs, fat, protein to be well indulged in our body. A lot of caterings forget the composition but in fact composition is the key
  • Their catering use LEAN meat which is good for increasing muscle and losing fat
  • They use complex carbs, which is healthier, less calorie, contains more fiber, and will make you full longer
  • They help making my metabolism better. Which helps in the process of losing weight and fat
  • They focus on LOSING FAT, not LOSING WEIGHT. Why does it matter? As most diet only focusing on losing your weight but your weight consists of many things. Water, blood, muscle, fat, and so on. This is why you rebound, as the fat stays still but the essential parts in your body gone. This is why the more you do bad diet, the worse your body will be
  • It's not going to rebound, as long as you maintain your Dapurfit way of living. For me, I still eat dessert, drink alcohol, eat french fries and such, but they taught me many things and tips [special privilege of Package E]. I have stopped using them for a month, and my weight stays still

Was it good experience? It's truly a challenge to finish 3 months completely, but I enjoy the progress
In the last one month, I tried cooking healthy like Dapurfit, but as my mom said, the costs of cooking it by myself and just buying catering through them is similar

Instead, I get somebody to cook for me, deliver it, and I dont have to clean the dishes after cooking and eating as well. Which means, more hassle-free

I am thinking to continue using them in the future, and I think you should try it. Stop going for diet mayo-mayoan, detox juice, or what. No it wont work. I tried. It rebounds lol

So here's the journey of my past 3 months. However it's not the end here, in fact, it is a start. I am more motivated to lead a healthy lifestyle and influence you guys too haha. I want to work on my body well and show it when I achieve it. It is not an easy task and it will be long-time moment. But I enjoy the progress and I hope it's going to be my lifetime journey ^_^

You can download Dapurfit price list on their website
Dapurfit Instagram | Dapurfit Ask.Fm

Like what a quote written on my gym's wall

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great

Good luck

See you guys on my next post!

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