Manga about Tohoku that's available in Indonesia

November 27, 2015

I'm here again to support Tohoku, do you know there are tons of mangas talking and mentioning about Tohoku area? It's always there when you look at
For me, reading manga is always a good source to know more about Japan. Learning Japan in a fun way can't be more exciting, and that's why I cant stop reading even until this age. I have tons of mangas on my collection that I will let my children read later on ^.^

My memories are quite strong when I am reading something [but I always lose my stuffs lol], so here are some of mentions about Tohoku in manga that's printable in Indonesia. You might have spotted these pages before!

From Crayon Shinchan Vol 32

One of my fav characters, Yonro (LOL), is from Niigata! Here he mentioned that Rice from Niigata is so good, and I have heard many things about it yes!

From Crayon Shinchan Vol 40
Shinchan and family are visiting Hiroshi's family at Akita, like I mentioned before that his father's side is from that area. There are lot of stories on Crayon Shinchan's about Akita though, you just have to look

From 20th Century Boys Vol 5
Kenji's mother was hiding in Yamagata with Kanna for their safety as Tokyo will be attacked by terrorist. Not much talk about the Yamagata itself but now you know where Yamagata is now, right? It's in Tohoku, show off your knowledge to your friend lol

Whistle Vol 20-21
A match between Tokyo and Tohoku in soccer, Tohoku defeated Tokai whom expected to be number 1, which proven them very strong in this field!

From Hai Miiko Vol 25

It tells a story about Haruna whom just recently moved because of the earthquake. You can read about the behind the scenes why the author decided to talk about it as well. I think it's the best story so far that I can find in Indonesia. Because it talks about the problem well

There are other mangas but it's just a few of it. All the mangas are shot from my own collection! I support and buy original mangas that's printed in Indonesia if I like the manga XD So while you're having mind blown that in fact you HAVE known about Tohoku itself from long ago, dont forget to support Tohoku as well

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See you guys on my next post!

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