Shiseido 100 Brightest Star

November 18, 2015

Brighter skin tone with no spots is what every women dream of, but unfortunately not everyone's born with perfect skin genetically. However I do believe that beauty is 80% hard work and 20% genetic. Hard work comes with what you eat, enough rest, weather, and so on, but most importantly, it's your skin care routine

And we all know how good Japanese skin and products are. When I was in Japan, mostly my skin's at its perfect condition because of its weather and water. I always trust Japanese products as well especially their skincare as it suits asian skin more. And when it comes to Japanese cosmetic brand, Shiseido is among the top of mind. Last end of September, located at Gastromaquia in Jakarta, there's a mini gathering with other beauty bloggers to talk about their newest line, Shiseido White Lucent

Shiseido White Lucent is formulated with Multi Action Brightening System to help the user having perfectly flawless and bright skin without any dark spots. There are 8 lucky bloggers from Indonesia who can try it before it's even released and I am one of them! I'm just so happy to be chosen by Shiseido, I have been their long time loyal user :D

During the event, I got my skin checked as well. I always thought my skin becoming drier as I age but turns out that it's just dehydrated as I spend too much time with air con. Shiseido staff taught me many things to take care of my skin, and how their products can help me as well. Well, if you're uncertain about your skin, you can always go to Shiseido counter as well as the staff would be more than happy to assist you too! 

Shiseido really put so much effort on every events they hold. After the first event, there's a second gathering held at its office. Their theme is always white and pink to match Shiseido White Lucent. There are so many amazing cakes that matched with the ambient as well, but unfortunately I cant grab much T_T I bet it's dellish! 

I cant show you the products as it's not launched yet, but please keep looking forward for it as their packaging is amazingly beautiful and classy! It has pink and white element on it for sure

Hm what?
You want to hear my thought about the product?

I get you I get you, we're all so curious about the result right
To be honest at first I had high expectation about this line, however the first week after usage, I had a few pimples appeared on my face. I was a little bit shocked and stopped it for a while. However because I trust Shiseido, I decided to use it one more time

And surprisingly, it's good! Maybe when I used it, I had imbalance hormone and stressed out
I have some spots after laser treatment [a bad one as it hasnt healed even after 2-3 months!] and it's quite annoying. I had to use so much concealer to cover it up. But after diligently using it, I notice that the scar fades so much, like 80% gone already!!

I also can tell that my make up sticks better as my skin is more hydrated than before. I use White Lucent series before putting on make up and it always helps giving radiant glow without primer needed. Even without using make up, I can proudly say that my skin is brighter, suppler, and more radiant than before. I am often spotted by people when I go to GYM and when I say I dont wear make up, I really mean it

I am surprised that so many people can recognize me despite I throw away all those thick make up lol I guess I owe half of it through my skin, as I do not have to cover too much make up to look naturally flawless. I used to have bad skin and put super thick make up like syahrini maybe LOL, but now as I have better skin through Shiseido, I have no fear to show it without make up :D

Shiseido White Lucent Series will be launched next year in Indonesia, stay tuned :)

See you guys on my next post!

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