Sony Kawaii Cam 11 Review

October 07, 2015

Remember about my Sony Kawaii Cam that I blogged before? I own it almost around 3 months and use it on regular basis, which I believe it is a correct time to share about my deepest thought about this cute camera

And within the last months, I have gone from Ash Blonde, Purple hair, Blonde Hair, and Red Brown hair. So you can enjoy my hair transformation as well!

Sony Kawaii Cam 11 With Ring Light

I am quite impressed with Ring Light + Sony Kawaii Cam. I love how the quality seems superb here and I took the selfie using their 180' rotating camera. Which means it's 19.2 MP
I also activated their beauty effect into level 5 from 1-10 so I have smoothening effect and smaller face

Sony Kawaii Cam 11 With Room Light

I would say that it's a little bit shaky and the picture doesnt come as clear as with good lighting. It is not as sharp as before either

Sony Kawaii Cam 11 at Restaurant with Yellow Lighting

It seems that Sony Kawaii Cam cannot give sharp effect on low-lighting for my face when I activated their Beauty Mode. My face becomes smooth but it's so weird compared to all the sharpness on my clothes and background

Sony Kawaii Cam 11 at a Cafe with Window Lighting

Amazingly with good lighting, the pictures come out crips, sharp, and super high quality! The wide angle is also so good and can take pictures beautifully without cropping my arm too much
Repetitively mentioning how I love they can make myself look slimmer than real because of their wide-lens

By having window lighting, all the noise disappear as well and the pictures are all crystal clear like my normal mirrorless

Sony Kawaii Cam 11 Inside A Mall

Although mall basically has good lighting, but it can't beat how this camera works with sunlight. I can tell that the quality decreases and gives some noises on the picture

Sony Kawaii Cam 11 With and Without Built-in-Light

At dark places though, you can turn on their built-in-light, not flash. Because flash is a big NO NO for me haha. Therefore their built in light is pretty useful. However, the light washes out the pictures color and gives grainy result, I think it's too harsh

So my conclusion is?

Why You Should Buy This Phone
  • It has beauty and slimming effect
  • It has wide-angled lens, 
  • Cute selfie camera that is available in 4 colors
  • Light, perfect for selfie, unlike mirrorless or DSLR
  • It has amazing quality when good lighting's available

Why You Should Not Buy This phone
  • The pictures only turn out great when there's a good lighting source such as sunlight or ring light
  • The pictures turn out grainy and noise at dark places
  • It seems the shutter speed in this camera is not fast enough, it's often producing blur or shaky pictures
  • A little expensive for just a camera for selfie, rising the price up to 7million [Honestly, I think some phones with that price can produce better quality as they have good sensor]

All in all, megapixel doesn't guarantee how the pictures would look good. It is more about the sensor quality and I think this kawaii cam lacks on it. HOWEVER, I have high expectation regarding camera because I need super high quality pictures for my blog and such. This camera is still great for those who want selfie in hassle-free and want just another cute camera into your collection

I cant use this camera for work but this is good when I want to take selfie and wefie for personal use

See you guys on my next post!

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