Mawun Beach - Lombok

October 12, 2015

I got a lot of beautiful pictures in Lombok so it's such a waste to not blog and promote my beautiful country. Since it's the first time for me to visit this amazing island that's located next to Bali, I was more eager than ever to take pictures and visit their famous beaches

Excuse my face, I only put light make up because I had morning flight. In fact, I did the make up inside the car lol  

I googled that Mawun Beach is one of the most popular beaches there. Took us around 2 hours from Lombok International Airport to reach there, however on our way we stopped by at a restaurant named Astari to get a lunch break

Astari Restaurant is located on a cliff where you can enjoy the sea breeze and beautiful view of Mawun Beach from the top

Who would resist this kind of restaurant?

Got Yellow Curry and Baked Tomatoes with Veggies. I am surprised that the food was soooo good and the ingredients were fresh, but maybe I was just too hungry haha. But I recommend this restaurant on your way to Mawun Beach, because there's no restaurant at the beach

Mawun Beach is definitely one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever visited. Not exagerrating to say that perhaps it is number one. Their beautiful white sand and coral blue sea water. There were many tourists surfing and swimming and I was kinda disappointed that I didnt get chance to swim here. However the wave was so strong so it might be quite dangerous for me haha


The beach itself is not very large and when I came there, there weren't many tourists. Unlike Bali that's super crowded, Lombok offers world-class beach without the need to fight over a seat

Tops and bottom is from Chlorine
Super comfy for airport fashion hahaha

Have you ever visited Lombok before?
If not, please do!!! :D

See you guys on my next post!

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