10 Things You Must Do at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Universal Studio Japan

September 15, 2016

Harry Potter fantasy world has always blown my mind and majority of Muggles in this world. Simply because the world made by J.K.Rowling is so fantastic and magical, and the movie theme songs always make my heart flutter. Visiting Harry Potter World in Universal Studio Japan, Osaka, cant never be better and here are my recommendations what you should do over there!

1. Take Picture with Weasley's Car

When you first step into Hogwarts Forbidden Forest, you will find Weasley's car rumbling between the trees. Make sure to take picture with this iconic blue Ford Anglia that Ron stole from his father on the episode of Harry Potter and the Chambers of Secret and make sure to never repeat the same mistake

2. Explore Hosgmeade 

"Hogsmeade looked like a Christmas card; the little thatched cottages and shops were all covered in a layer of crisp snow; there were holly wreaths on the doors and strings of enchanted candles hanging in the trees" is all you got when you strolled along Hogsmeade area. Find unique shops or street performances from some students, while being captivated by the world of magic

3. Snap a Shot with Hogwarts Express

The journey to Hogwarts will be easier if you get into Hogwarts Express on 9 3/4 platform instead of riding the dangerous Weasley's car, so make sure you secure your seat here! Snap a shot to make your friend jealous as well that you're invited to Wizarding World

4. Buy Wizard Snacks at Honeydukes Store


For those of you who dreamed for unimaginable sweets from the Magic World, look no more than buying it at Honeydukes that has a large amount of Every Flavour Beans, and Fizzing Whizzbees. There are some Chocolate Frogs as well and Jelly Slugs. All those snacks that's available only on books and movies can be purchased easily at this store! Dont forget to bring some as an amazing souvenir to your friends

5. Fly with Your Broomstick + Try Hogwarts Uniforms at Dervish and Banges

Look no further than having your students attire and schools tools needed at one shop besides Dervish and Banges. Imagine that you can bring back home Hogwarts School attires such as robes, scarfs, and ties, along with some broomstick, You can also collect Nimbus 2000 that Harry got to win his Quidditch competition

5. Dine Like a Wizard at The Three Broomsticks

Though expensive and not that tasty (as expected from Theme Park's food), but having the experience to eat at The Three Broomstick and wonder what Wizard eats would be such a fun memory. Here I have my Pork Ribs Platter for around 20$ that comes with gigantic corn that's peeled off in an unique way

6. Drink Butterbeer!

It's not a complete journey if you dont drink the most famous beverage from Harry Potter's World, Butterbeer. Try drinking it whether hot or cold depending on your preference and buying it altogether with the glass with make such a great souvenir and memory. But please be noted that you should have big bag to store it otherwise youll end up bringing it all the time

7. Experience Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey 

Inside Hogwarts Castle, there's Harry Potter 4K3D Attraction that is stated as The World's Best Attraction by some Awards which is a must visit! There is another attraction Flight of the Hippogriff that you can take as well to richen your experience in this Wizarding world

8. Shop Novelty and Jokes Items at Zonko 

Let's support Fred and George's business by visiting their shop, Zonko, that's filled with exciting joke toys and tricks that can fulfil everyone's naughty dreams. Here they provide tons of magical items such as Inflatable Tongue, Jacob's Leader, Jokes Egg, Duck on a Bike, Chinese Fortune Stick, Screming Yo-Yo, U-NO-POO, and so on

9. Buy Harry Potter Exclusive Souvenirs

What I mean here by exclusive souvenirs includes wands at Ollivanders, some owls toys to play with and also some Cell Phone Strap that's inspired by Hermione's time Machine (I actually bought this one personally). After all, it's not like you'll visit Hogwarts everyday, so it's a good excuse to shop 

10. Witness the Magnificent Hogwarts

And last but not least, observe the castle and wonder how much effort to make it because it's a perfect replica from the film. At night, it also gives a different vibe with some lights effect played before your journey to this Wizarding World finished

And those are 10 Things You Should Do When You Visit Harry Poter World at USJ in my recommendation, and if you still cant get enough of it, feel free to watch my Harry Potter USJ Vlog on my Youtube too

I hops this post helps you to plan your day in the theme park
Have you ever been to Harry Potter World at USJ as well? Feel free to leave your recommendation as well on comment below!

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