Facing 24

September 12, 2016

I just finished my jobs for new  Starry Light packaging (11.20pm), and just had time to breathe and chill down while writing on my blog. The past month has been so busy and productive and I would say it's one of the most hectic month in my whole life. I was doing so many things offline and hardly had time for myself, till I didnt realize that September was near (and my birthday was days apart)

September means my birthday, and I am someone who likes to throw a party for special occasion (birthday, anniversary, etc) and I memorize those dates perfectly. I never understood when I was younger, how on earth adult could still work during birthday because hey, it's your birthday, it's your special day! Until weeks ago when a company asked me to attend event as a part of blogger, on my birthday

My birthday is on 12th September and this year it falls on National Holiday, Idul Adha, which means I am free to meet with everyone as they dont work either. But turns out I received a job offer on that day and accepted it. Yes, my friends were so curious how come someone like me want to work on my birthday that falls on holiday. This doesnt make sense

I guess I have aged

And when majority of friends, "where are we going to eat on your birthday", I keep saying "I dont know" and I really dont know and I really dont make any plans. Most probably I would just pass the day like any normal day. Work during the day, meet up some friends nearby the work area, and then have a dinner with my family at normal average restaurant

By no means, my economical background is getting so much better this year and in fact I can treat anyone at wherever I want, but the festive feeling has long gone because I am so absorbed with work. And this has become a turning point for me to think about how much I have matured lol

So happy birthday to me, 24 years old. It's young yet old and honestly I feel no different at all yet so different in terms of mentality compared to last year

I have become much more mature and more confident about myself and my life choice, though sometimes stumbled upon some tiny stones here and there but I have changed for the better

And since I dont really know what to say again, I will just watch some dramas and sleep soon because I have to work early morning haha

Because my own enemy is myself, as it's no use to compare and wanna be better than the others, my wish for every year stays the same, to be a better version of myself than yesterday. Amen

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