10JinActor Youtube Reaction

September 04, 2016

Hi sweethearts!

I just want to share with you my recent youtube video regarding 10jinactor! So what is 10jinactor? I found out about them through Kokoro no Tomo and my friend and host of the show, Amanda Zevannya, that they're a new idol group from Fukuoka, Japan. They are promised to be a hit!

Watch it and tell me, who is your favorite member? My top 3 favorites are Sakata Kento, Magoshi Takumi, and Kento Yamada!

They will be coming to Anime Festival Asia on 16th September 2016! You can check them out at  10jinactor Instagram and 10jinactor Indonesia Instagram

Psssttt.. I might be stalking them at AFA as well. So if you come, be sure to catch me there as well!

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