Cracked White

September 30, 2016

Sorry for the lack of update regarding my life both on snapchat or Instagram Stories. I used to be very active on those platforms before I realize that the last few weeks, my job has been too hectic to even use my phone. And when I have free time, I just want to relax and chill while staying away from the phone (By watching all those K & J Dramas online)

Before I begin, let's talk about my outfit of the day!

Lace top and skort is from Cloth Inc
Shoes is from ZARA

I love lace and white, so the top is the best purchase I have ever had in the past few months. It also has see through sleeve that wont sweat you during the day, but can keep those flabby arms intact LOL
The pattern is also very feminine but not too much, the lace is from high quality and feels soft on skin

Cloth Inc never fails me, that's why that's my favorite local brand from Indonesia! Not because the owner is my friend, I have a few friends doing these kinds of business but I look up to Cloth Inc because the way they do business is so professional and they deliver it with heart, not just for the sake of money

Speaking of professionalism, these days I age about 10 years thanks to a few people whom I have worked with. Being honest with you, I do everything mostly one man show. I am the photographer (90%, the rest is thanks to anyone who's with me nearby at that time to take my OOTD), the editor, the videographer, the video editor, the manager, the make up artist, the stylist, the writer, and so on

I simply cant do it anymore and I know a lot of bloggers have assistants or a team to help them. Usually if a blogger is just a blogger, a youtuber is just a youtuber, and so on. But I am greedy and I do everything

I think it's really rare to know any top bloggers these days that do everything by themselves. Mostly at least they have assistant or manager to do that. Which I dont mind to do the same, however looking for the right person is just more difficult than earning 10.000 followers on Instagram

I did think that having a personal assistant, or having a content writer, photographer, video grapher, etc will bring me good. But so far I have only had mini heart attack and high blood pressure thanks to the stress that's accumulated

And my friends keep telling me that, I am the perfectionist Virgo that's hard to please
In the name of bad attitude, arrogance, bad communication with client, not punctual, trashy results, and so on, I hereby announce that I will do all of my contents by myself

Do you have any stories to tell and any suggestion how to handle that, in case in the future I think I will get a team to help me? That'd be so much help if you do :) 

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