Mad Hatter Inspired Make Up Tutorial - Alice Through the Looking Glass

September 28, 2016

I havent promoted my Mad Hatter Inspired Make Up Tutorial at all, and since there are some pictures after doing the tutorial, why not share it here with you guys?

As I mentioned before I have been trying to find a different approach to build up my Youtube Channel, however it's really still full of hit and miss, but I am learning everyday. So any suggestion and critism is welcomed! 

I am truly blessed that I can work with amazing Local Brand, Emina, and promoting one of my favorite movies Alice in Wonderland (featuring Tim Burton as my idol, and Johnny Depp as a man I'd love to marry LOL) 

Afterall, I love Disney so much that I need to visit Disney Resort almost everytime I visit Tokyo

My favorite character is however the Red Queen because she looks so amazing hahaha. And if you watch Alice through the Looking Glass, you can get to know her deeper and the reason why she becomes such a messed up person
Lesson to learn : Every bad character always has deep scar in the past

Have you watched the movie yet? How do you feel about it ? :D

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