5 Things You Should Know About Kose Cosmeport Je L'aime Shiny Repair

September 20, 2016

I can say proudly that I am the happiest in terms of seeing how much beauty industry in Indonesia has progressed in the past few years. Back then, purchasing imported beauty products from overseas has been such a hassle and the options are limited. These days there are more and more beauty products that I cant wait to share with you about. The latest one is Je L'Aime and I would like to share with you about this brand!

1. Je l'aime Shiny Repair is Made in Japan

Who doesn't trust Japan Quality? I raise my hand as a person who believes anything made in Japan because their standard quality is one of the best in the world and they make everything in perfection! Je l'aime is a hair care brand from Kose Cosmeport which I often come across whenever I visit cosmetic stores in Japan, and the CM's are all over the country. Featuring top artists such as Matsumoto Arashi to be the brand ambassador for the shampoo has gained mass trust as well 

As expected from Japanese beauty products, the packaging is somewhat pretty and colorful that makes it so pleasant in the eyes when placing these babies in the bathroom

Will Matsujun stroke my hair as well if I use Je l'aime shampoo? LOL

2. Je l'aime is Silicone-Free Shampoo

And what's the catch for silicone-free shampoo? Silicone-Free shampoo is promised to give nutrients and moisture better to roots and scalp compared to non-silicone. A lot of cheap shampoos in industries use silicone as one of the ingredients to give your hair silky smooth feel and helps adding shine but they actually will be damaging your hair when used on long-term. 

3. Has Perfume Effect For Your Hair

Similar with any perfume but unexpected to find at shampoo, they come in top, middle, and end note. Top note scent will come out when you pump the shampoo out, middle note will be when you apply and wash your hair with the shampoo, while the end note will come out after you've worn it all day
I swear that this shampoo series from Je l'aime is the most fragrant shampoo I have ever had and I cant stop smelling my own hair because it's just soooooooooooo delightful !

Anyway if you're wondered, Treatment means conditioner in Japanese-english. If you use the shampoo and treatment altogether, the scent will be stronger and last much longer. Plus you can make your hair pretty smooth as well, win win solution, isnt it?

4. It comes in many scents to choose from

Je l'aime comes in complete lineup that caters on everyone's concern but I only have two scents from Non Silicone that I have tried so far. I really want to try other scents as well but honestly, I am pretty satisfied with green and pink bottle that I have so far

It's hard for me to decide which one I like the most, but the scent is really about individual's preference. However worry not about the performance as both delivers same great result!

5. Affordable and Available in Indonesia already!


The price for shampoo (500 ml) is only Rp 250.000 each and with treatment (500ml) set will only cost you Rp 400.000 at Lazada! Which for me is pretty affordable as if I buy those shampoos in Tokyo, it costs me the same price but I dont have to worry about hauling it back again to Jakarta that wastes my luggage space and heavy weight baggage! I mean, one set of it will be 1kg. Having amazing hair care brands available in Indonesia has always been the best gift from beauty brands. Thank you Je l'aime for coming to Indonesia!

So far I am blessed and feel like a princess after using the shampoo and treatment series from Je l'aime. My hair feels smooth, shiny, and most importantly it smells good all day long! If only I werent a beauty blogger, I wouldnt share the secret of my sweet-smelling hair to you because I would like people to wonder how come I smell so good. Secret is easy, change your shampoo lol

I truly recommend the shampoo to everyone who read the blog post. Please share your opinion after you try it and I'd be so happy to hear your feedback!

This post is sponsored by Je l'aime but doesnt affect any opinion on this blog

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  1. aku suka sama packagingan nya bening, jadi isi didalemnya keliatan..