Etude House Fashion Queen Nail Collection 01 Hey Jean

January 03, 2014

Recently at home after cleaning my room, I found a lot of products that I haven't tried and reviewed, and Etude House Fashion Queen Nail Collection is one of it. Being in holiday, I have too much time now so I decide to get out of this boredom and play with my nails

Etude House Fashion Queen Nail Collection comes with 3 nail polishes that's inspired by Jean. It's a limited edition package I believe

Etude House Fashion Queen Nail Collection comes in 2 types. The first is Jeans, and another one is Rock & Roll that's inspired by Gold and bLACK
Each collection comes in 3 nail polishes contains 7ml product each

The bottles have 3 gorgeous shades of blue. First is matte navy blue that's a little bit greyish. Second is glittery dark blue. And third is light pale blue like denim

The products are surprisingly very pigmented and easy to apply unlike other Etude nail polishes. The colors show up nicely and provides unique colours

I only need 2 coats to cover up my nails
To be honest, I am not really a nail polish freak but I just realized that I have so many nail polishes O.O I guess I really have to try doing my nails more ^^

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