Little Devil Tutorial - Visual Kei Inspired

January 20, 2014

Ok so this tutorial is in fact inspired by Kiryuin Sho from Golden Bomber. I see him supporting very heavy eye make up with thick black eyeliner and some white sparkles underneath his eyes. And as most of you know, that I always love Visual Kei look. Though I havent followed VKei bands for years, recently I am back to that scene lol And Golden Bomber is one of them. 

Anyway, do read more to go to the tutorial ^^

To start off with, Here are some pics of Sho anyway

The last one, IDK why he looks so ugly there but oh well lol it shows the white eyeliner better than most of the pics so I just have to include it

I am a fan of Golden Bomber as they're so funny and crazy, but my fav is Kyan Yutaka not Sho hehehe

If you have never heard about this brand, you're surely missing out. At least do listen to their 'Memeshikute' as it's their best hit single and I'm sure everyone in Japan has listened to this song as this song manages to be no 1 hit in Karaoke all over Japan despite their status as an indie band

[And *cough* I have contributed it by singing their song at Karaoke at least once in Japan LOL ]

I change the make up a little to be more suitable for women ^_^ 
And Sho always uses blue contact lens [I think he's very inspired by Gackt's look lol] But I dont have any blue lens so.. T_T 
For more manly look, you can check out my last look, Rouge et Noir. It's also V-Kei Inspired! 

This look is in fact quite bold in real life but this is very good for people who are monolids or have very small eyes as it instantly makes bigger eye look!
I know some people cannot wear double eyelid fibers or scotch or what, as majority they have more fats on eyes [it's not that you're fat, it's just the eye socket contains more fat that makes your eyes hooded / small]. So this make up really helps!

A lot of Visual Kei men also have super small eyes and they're helped through this look ^^

I have quite obvious eyelids so it's quite easy for me to locate the end of line. But for those of you who don't have it, you can make the guide line by drawing it around 2mm below your eyes when your eyes are open. Similar to the 3rd pictures on the tutorial sheet

All in all, Practice is the key! 

I tried to combine this look with super soft eyebrow and matte natural lip colour, since the eye make up is super bold in real life

I hope this tutorial is helpful for you guys!!
And don't forget to check out Golden Bomber okay hahaha!!

You can see their PV's Collection HERE or HERE I'm sure you'll get yourself blown away with the stupidity of them. I really like if more and more people listen to musicians that I like hehe

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