How to Make Eyeliner Stay Longer

January 09, 2014

How to Make Eyeliner Stay Longer or How to Make Eyeliner Last Longer is one of my most wanted to do post because so many people, especially in Indonesia, have this problem! Also this tips and trick also can be used to keep your eyeliner from smudging. So I wanna help by sharing some tricks that I know to help solving this problem!

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1. Use gel instead of pencil or liquid

Gel has the best texture and staying power compared to other types of eyeliner. Pencil doesn't stay that long and has the worst staying power of all the eyeliner types. Liquid comes next, it's better than pencil and has great pigmentation but it melts easier compared to gel eyeliner. Gel eyeliner has thicker texture that allows it to stay longer and better on your eyes.

2. Prime your eyes before eye make up

Similar to our face, eyes also need proper prime hence the eye make up will last longer and stay still. Not only it is great for your eyeshadow but your eyeliner will stay better as well. Dont forget to put the primer underneath the eyes as well
By priming it, the eyeliner will stay better and the oil on eyes will be produces less. Oil on eyes is one of the main factors of eyeshadow smudging or fade easily

3. Set it with eyeshadow powder

Whatever the kind make up is, set and finish everything with your powder is the key for long lasting make up. We all know that we need to put powder after we put foundation or BB Cream so it will last longer. But have we forgotten the eye area?

By dabbing some eyeshadow with the same color of your eyeliner [whether it is black, brown, or anything] and layer it on top of the eyeliner, it will help the eyeliner stay longer than usual. Do NOT drag the line, just dab it lightly

4. Pat Loose Powder underneath your eyes

The eyeliner might doesn't last long on your eyes, or smudge, is because of oil around your eye area. So to prevent more oil, slightly pat loose powder underneath your eyes. Do not drag, just pat to set the make up. It will help avoiding oil that will ruin your make up

5. Combine every tips above

Obviously you can try one trick each time, as we might dont have much time to put every tricks in our everyday life. But if by doing one trick to another still doesn't do you good, it's time to use every tricks mentioned above to get the ultimate result

Do give it a try and let me know whether it works on you!

I hope this tips is helpful for you guys and see you on my next post!

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