Rouge et Noir

January 06, 2014

Recently my heart cannot take it anymore, I really want to convert back again to Visual Kei wtf
Blame this rock heart! (T_T)

Also cos recently I get hooked with Abingdon Boys School and can't stop listening to them! Hence the feeling is unstoppable. Thanks for being a girl, we have privilege to put make up more than boys
Also.. *cough* I wanna appear handsome once in a while, on this blog LOL

Did I make it? hahaha

Anyway here's my zoom up make up. I havent done this make up for a while so I'm a little nervous with the result ^_^;

Point of my visual kei make up =

Thin eyebrow going straight upward; I concealed the rest of my eyebrow with cream foundation and powder
Next, I use gel liner to cover my entire eyelid, then set and blend it with black eyeshadow to create gradation
To emphasize and give more impact on eyes, I use red eyeshadow underneath my eyes

Lens is Lunatia Brown from Japan Softlens . It has slight red color that's suitable for this look in my opinion
Also, I concealed my lip color with foundation, it gives more manly effect

I wonder if I am kakkoii or handsome enough for you, ladies *wink* FML lol

Okay, now, I'm back listening to more V-Kei songs!! Viva Rock lol
My mom will be angry again HAHAHA.. She prefers me going for cute feminine look. It's not that I hate it, but there are times when I want to have something different

After all, changing your look is so fun!! So step out of your comfort zone on make up, and try something different! 

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