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January 29, 2014

I am sorry that I was away for a week or so, I was busy hosting Japan Beauty Week from day to night and super exhausted!!  And usually during job or hang out with friends, I hardly bring my camera. Although now I do have the mirrorless camera that's of course much much lighter and easier than my old DSLR, but after all, selfie with a phone is on different lever due to its simplicity

Right now I'm using Iphone to replace my broken Samsung S3, but I need an additional phone to make my selfie life easier!! A girl can't say no to a selfie right? 
Lenovo just launched a new smartphone named LENOVO VIBE X that has 5 MP front camera and 13 MP back camera, so I got one after the launching and been using it for days

Due to my inability to upload my beauty posts at the moment so let's do this Daily Life Post to take a peek on my life recently!

Had meetings for projects and such, and for this one I forgot to put on my foundation or BB Cream hahaha.. Even though I put blush on and eye make up!
Thanks to my regular care to skin, I am free of pimples though it's still not perfect yet

But an additional effect of this LENOVO VIBE X front camera is, they have beauty effect that you can adjust from 0 to 7 to get the smoothness and brightness on your skin!! And when you capture the camera, there's also a magical sparkle during the progress hahaha so fun!

They also have many interesting filter and effects that you can play with!! And some of my favorite effects are =

Tilt Shift that create the aperture effect where the background is blur. We also can adjust whether we want it to be circle or line, including the range and the size of tit. It's much easier and precise than using Instagram effect hehe

And Stardust!! It has sparkles effect that makes the pictures so dreamy and sparkly! 

And also Kaleidoscope which has more options again to make your own interesting pattern!! 

The pattern is made by the masks picture I was snapping. Elle & Jess brought me souvenirs from Japan and they know I LOVE MASKS yeay!! So I was taking the pics as the example hehe

As for the design itself, it's slightly bigger than my Iphone and has rounded edges to make it appear cuter. And talk about being so thin and light!! 

And the settings have many options to adjust your perfect selfie! Although most of the times I just snapped my picture using the front camera with 5-7 level of Beauty Effect MWAHAHHAHA

Hence my face becomes so smooth like this~! Like, non-existent person lol
Where are my pores?? XD

And oh, I was also busy doing the Japan Beauty Week and it's not what I want to put the dark hair haha.. But the event itself is an elegant one, so I need to look match it. Wig is so convenient! It's Kinkee Wig and EVERYONE (maybe) loves me with this wig, so I will review it soon on my blog ok! It's also the wig that I use for my Christmas Post ^^

The camera can enhance both of our faces, usually the effect only focuses on one person but this time it can enhance you and your friend's face! Talk about being pretty together!! 

Say hi to Clara Devi! She became one of the speakers for the event and SURPRISINGLY we had the SAME phone! So we camwhored in the bathroom and convinced ourselves, that we're camwhoring as a part of our job as a blogger! LOL 
Having a similar phone with your friends are so niceee!! Guess who are my other friends who have this phone?

Elle Yamada and Gabriella Olivia!
Both of them also came to the event that I hosted hehe..

Here you go, spot Gabriella!!

Hahaha.. A little difficult as she's not pink anymore?
Well okay here you go = 

Left-Right = Cominica, Vheii, Gaby Milkmochi, Gabriella Olivia, Me

The front camera lens is quite wide and I'm pleasant with it! My hand is in fact pretty shoooortttt T____T
So usually someone needs to hold the phone instead of me so everyone can be on the camera. But this time the lens is pretty wide and can manage up to 5 person [or more?] in one picture!! Go get selfie with your friends will never be this easy!
Especially since it's a front camera, everyone can see themselves and manage to look pretty! 

Elle and Jess also came to the event but we were too busy chatting instead of taking pics, so... Maybe next time again? 

All in all, I think this one is good enough as an additional camera for me to easily have selfie, especially with friends!! It's not like I will bring my camera everywhere I go but a phone is a must-to-bring for everyone right now, agree?

In case you want to have the similar phone with us, why dont you also join the Selfie Competition held on !! Just simply put your selfie with hashtag #MyVibeX and you're automatically joined and put on the website!

For more informations, you can visit Lenovo Mobile Indonesia social medias = 

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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  1. brp harganya stell?^^ you look so pretty with the brown hair!

  2. uwowww, i wanna have that phone too >< btw, luka di dengkulnya uda sembuh tel?

  3. pas bgt nih lagi mw ganti hp ehehe :D

  4. Wow that phone looks awesome hehe. You look cute in the photos :)

    xx Stella
    Come Join my V-Day Giveaway ~

  5. fksjflskdj YOU'RE SO PRETTY!!!

  6. the camera looks pretty good I think. so you took most of the pics with your front cam? really nice:33
    I also have short arms >-< I can never capture my friends&me together quite well xD a wider lens is definitely an improvement:3