5 Things I Learned from Traveling with My Younger Brother

December 11, 2015

I had my first trip with my brother just the two of us in Singapore. We're 6 years apart and the age gap is quite tough especially at young age. When I was elementary school, he was just born. When I was in junior high school, he just entered elementary school. When I was in university, he was still 12 years old. When I was younger I also asked for a sister, not a brother. As I wanted to doll her up, however a guy come out and he was sickly so he grabbed all the attentions for himself fml
Nothing good came for me !!

We quarelled a lot when we were younger as he was such a crybaby and I am the tough one lol And because of the age gap, our lives are totally different and cant talk much. Precisely our daily life is also different, as he's an outdoor type and I am indoor one. He spends most of his time socializing and making friends, leaving study behind wtf. He's also active at sport and become super tan -_-" 

As for me, you guys know that I shut myself in a lot, by reading books, watching dramas, and just cooking + sleeping lol 
I go with my mom more often especially as he's at /that age/ where he only wants to be with friends. However this time I'd like to visit Universal Studio Singapore and rides thrilling rides. My mom can't possibly ride any of it and it would be such a waste to not play. I asked my friends but they either cant take leave or no budget at the moment

Then.. I am so sorry.. But he's my last resort.. 
So I invited him out and I learned many good things come when I have my brother

1. There's a person to carry your bag
This is probably the most wonderful thing for bringing my brother with me. He took care of all the heavy stuffs! I am usually filled with a few of cameras and cosmetic pouches inside my bag but with a healthy young boy around *lol*, I can let him to bring it for me everywhere without feeling guilty because he's obliged to do so

IF I go with my friend, I can't act so princess-like of course, I have to bring what I bring, even though the camera might be used for my friend/s as well. And when I'm out with my mom, of course I can't let her to bring anything. With him, I could just ask him to bring anything, in fact he's the one who offered himself to help too! And I wont feel guilty for that 

2. Skinship is normal in society eyes 
I get tired quite easily and I wear heels wherever I go, even my sneakers have heels more than 5 cms. Therefore I always need to grab someone's arm whenever I walk a lot. With my brother, I can do it very normally and nobody can judge our skinship lol 

Also I sometimes hug my brother or just lie on his chest when I feel tired waiting for the long line at Universal Studio, which might be an eyesore for some if I do it with a guy. BUT he's my brother what lol I can cuddle without shame haha

3. He lets the silent mode of me activated
When I am with my mother, friends, or even with a guy, it's hard for me to have the silent me. I always talk because IF I dont talk, people keep thinking that I am mad or upset about something. And my mother cant not talk to me but in fact I need a silent moment when I am daydreaming about useless thing lol 

There's just this moment when you just dont want to talk for a moment during the trip, because you're so tired. With my brother, I dont play games where the person sometimes dont talk to the other just to show that they want attention. When I am in silence, so he is, and it's normal. But when we see something good, then we start being excited and talk a lot again. This is something precious that a certain relationship can't have, but this is also because we dont always talk even at home, so the silence is nothing awkward for us lol

4. No need to take care of him!
Well, I still take care of him during the trip but I realize he's much more independent than before we went on a trip together. Part of it maybe because my mother doesn't speak english and she needs me to do everything for her whenever we're traveling abroad. Simple stuff like buying stuffs and finding toilet would be quite difficult for her. As for me, I had gone to trip with some of my friends before but even though they speak english, they still need to rely on me because they thought I am the best english speaker among them? Which those events turn out annoying after a while and later I get pissed off

For my brother because I am always this careless person and I know he speaks english as well, and he can associate with people better than me, I have no difficulty letting him doing anything. He wants to go to toilet, he just goes. He wants to ask for directions, he asks. He wants to buy stuffs, he can check everything by himself before buying one. The one thing he asks is the money later on lol 

5. I have all the advantages during the trip
I am tired and there's only one seat at MRT? It's mine!
I am hungry and I want to eat more of his food? Give it now!
I want to shoot more and more pictures of me using my camera? Take it and you better shoot good
I dont want to carry the bag? You better do it

Now I feel like I'm slaving my brother lol BUT in fact well it is. I mean, he is strong, and young. If there's a seat in MRT with my mom, I had to let her do it otherwise I'd be called bad daughter by society. Or even if with friends, would be quite bad if you get your own seat while your friends dont. Major point in here is my brother is younger than me and I paid for stuffs *uhuk* LOL so I realize I have the upper hand and he cant disobey me XD This kind of feeling is very different when I pay for my mom

Even if I pay for my mom's trip, she doesn't say thank you and I cant ask her to be grateful because I already owe her my life. Also even if I pay, she thinks of it as normal thing, and I still have to provide more and more fun for her. HOWEVER with my brother, he shows grateful and happiness hahaha

In fact he hates to be on public attention because some of his friends know me, and he hates how he's always compared with me as our physical appearance and inside are so different o.o
He has small eyes, tan skin, and tall. While on the other hand I naturally have big eyes for my race lol Also I'm quite fair but super short.. 

I guess he has that time when he really wonders whether he's my blood sibling or not HAHAHA

I didn't ask his permission to put his face public but the more he doesnt want to be published, the more I want to put spotlight on him *evil smirk*

Traveling with my brother is quite fun and I wished to be longer, however he had school so he cant take long leave [thats why he never joined me overseas as it's pretty long trip]. THOUGH, soon he'll graduate so we'll have more chances to travel together

I dont mind to go with him at all in the future, and I'm glad this trip has tighten our bond and makes me understand him better, and so he does

Have you ever went on duo trip with your sibling as well?

See you guys on my next post!

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