Family Getaway to Bandung - Sheraton Bandung Hotel Part 1

December 27, 2015

Hey ho! What did you do during your Christmas - New Year holiday? 
For me, I get enough of traveling during Christmas-NY because usually it's super crowded and everywhere is full booked. Therefore we usually have a dine out during mother's day 22nd December. That day also happened to be my parent's wedding anniversary

One day I just blurted out where should we go, and my mom really wanted to visit Vietnam but I was like (-_-;) What we're going to do there?

"Eat pho.."

. . . 

The best option was to visit Bali however I had a sudden job to do in Jakarta, and besides my parents cant take too long leave during peak season as our business is at its peak as well. Therefore the short getaway should be Bandung which could be done in 3D2N

I had stayed in Sheraton Bandung Hotel before but I have never properly blogged about it as it's quite short stay, only 1 night. This time I managed to book 2 rooms for my yearly present to them. I heard that the rooms are all sold out as it's super popular, so I guess I am pretty lucky to secure some rooms!

The room price isn't that bad too considering its high peak. I mean, the room is spacious and luxurious. Well, if youre interested with that we're doing in Bandung for those 3 days 2 nights, curious about the foods and the hotel itself, and basically just want to look at good pic that might slow down your internet as it's TOO MANY.. Please read it! :D


We left early at Sunday morning because we would like to catch the famous Sunday Brunch at Sheraton. Reached the hotel around 11 am as there wasnt much traffic. But we couldnt check in yet so I decided to wonder around to take some pictures. My mom really likes the interior and she couldnt stop taking selfies too lol

Welcome drink that's generous. Usually welcome drink is only a small cup lol

Sunday Brunch at Feast

Sooooo, I have heard many good things about their Sunday Brunch and it's one of the most famous Brunches in Bandung. Thats why before we checked in, we decided to hop into Sheraton's Restaurant, FEAST, to indulge in some gluttony

They have both indoor and outdoor seats available with similar concept of designs. Using rattan and some blue color touch

The area itself isn't as big as other hotels but they make it very neat and luxurious. Also each stalls carry a lot of options which is more than enough to fill my entire family

Since it's almost Christmas, they have Christmas theme decoration at the dessert table. Some of the desserts are also Christmas inspired XD

I LOVE their carrot cake a LOT!

I must say that it's been a long time to see a lot of beautiful desserts at once. Usually the buffet dont really have many beautiful desserts, or mostly just normal dessert like pudding, chocolate cake, and so on
However they put a lot of nice selections such as Busche de Noel, Milkshake, Macaroon, Carrot Cake, Pumpkin Pie, Mousse, Creme Brullee, and so on. I feel guilty when eating it, nevertheless happiness fills my tummy lol

I love cheese platter, who doesnt? I nommed a lot of Brie Cheese with some grapes and raisins XD

The bread selections consits of a lot of bread types and I could find my whole wheat bread as well in here. AWESOME! 

What's christmas without some beef ribs? 


Below are also some of the foods at main food section, Bulgogi, Sauteed, Mushroom. . 

Not to forget their Indonesian food section

And some sushi and sashimi
However unfortunately their japanese section hasn't lived up to my standard. But maybe it's because I always eat Japanese food at authentic restaurants :x

On another area was noodle, grilled, and kebab sections. My brother loves the Tom Yum a lot!

For Sunday, they have this special buffet area outdoor for kids, completed with some kids playing as well! They serve a lot of kinds that kids would love like cotton candy, popcorn, french fries, and cakes! 

Raise your hand if you want to eat everything
I restrained myself quite a lot otherwise I'd go crazy eating everything

I went a lil bit crazy at the dessert table lol

They serve amazing Kopyor ice cream that my dad got 5 scoops wtf lol

For the cake, I truly enjoy the carrot cake the most as maybe it's less sweet than the other cakes. I havent had much sugary food for a while so I tend to like less sweet foods these days

In an hour and half, my family ate maybe like 40 plates WTF LOL

My mom even said that the buffet was quite cheap considering it's a 5 stars hotel buffet. Price for Sunday Brunch is 198++ IDR per person and starts from 12 pm
I was also surprised when I saw the bill because I thought it would be more expensive lol; 

I mean, in Bali usually the buffet is around 350-500k at 5 stars hotel..

Horse Riding

Because we still have time before check in, I heard every sunday there's a free horse riding at the hotel so we walked around the hotel to find the pony lol

Just to take picture with it haha, the one who rides it for real was in fact my mom lol

Room Check In

I stayed at Tower Room which is SUPER SPACIOUS and comes with nice rounded sofa. I really like the sofa as normally our whole family stayed at one room first before sleeping. So, usually it's like 3 persons at the bed and one person on the couch, watching TV altogether ^3^

I wish to have one kind of round sofa like this in my room too

Mirrors everywhere, LOVE

The bathroom comes with a shower and a bath up which mom and I bathed together lol We were scrubbing each other's back too using all the essentials and tools provided. The amenities are complete and they provide many towels, specified for body, face, and hand. Amazing hospitality

They also have balcony area which we could see the gardens and trees all over. Away from Jakarta's pollution is the best thing ever

High Tea

After we checked in and relaxed a bit, we went down to Samsara Lounge which is located near the main lobby to get a high tea


On the left is Bancino which is a drink made from Bandrek and milk. On the right is my fresh orange juice which comes in a lean shaped glass XD

Some chocolates and churros to accompany our leisure day

As for me I got my Tuna salad!

Sipping some milkshake before going back to our room and chilling together

We intended to visit PVJ but it was raining so hard and 1,5 hours traffic without any real confirmation from GPS when we're going to arrive, we decided to head back to hotel and get some warm meal at Feast Restaurant instead. If you followed me on Snapchat, you knew how pissed I was lol

 Lucky the decoration and lights at Sheraton was lit up beautifully, giving class and style to the hotel ^.^

 Welcome bread

My brother wanted to be cool and drink some alcohol, so I orderd Pina Colada for him [right side] but he became red very fast and couldnt even finish lol Makanya jangan sok gaul ya dik HAHAHA
Although in fact it only has a lil bit of rum duh.

I ordered the left one which is Blue Lagoon, a mixture of vodka and idk what, it's quite strong and tastes good

Our dinner feast at Feast lol

We ordered a lot as we were starving :x But of course my forever favorite meals from Feast restaurant is their Lamb Shank and Tenderloin Steak

It comes with nice polenta! Dad loves it so much

The steak is well cooked and comes with mashed potatoes and veggies

My mom really wanted to get some warm soup so she ordered Oxtail Soup. The oxtail soup is only around 100k and she was like "do you know Cafe Betawi's Oxtail Soup is even 150k in Jakarta? Why Sheraton can provide such a steal?"


Well, I didnt know that, but I gotta admit that eating at Sheraton Bandung doesnt rip you off as the price is comparatively low than Jakarta's cafes

Mom also ordered this Nasi Oncom thing that comes with Kerupuk, Tempe, Ayam, and Lalap. However she thinks it's not that good, she prefers the Oxtail Soup anyhow

So here ends my first day in Sheraton, too many pictures so I'll just separate this into 2 parts XD

See you guys on my next post!

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