Lembang Floating Market

December 30, 2015

Holaaa!! Went to Bandung and what's better than visiting Lembang Floating Market that everybody's talking about? I stayed at Sheraton Bandung like what I mentioned on my previous post, and it's pretty close, only around 30 mins from my hotel! 

There's an entrance ticket fee around 10-15k per person but it can be redeemed into drinks. We got some hot coffee and warm milo to warm us up as it's raining lightly and the weather wasnt that friendly to us

I was surprised that the area itself is quite huge, and I might say that it's pretty clean. The manmade lake is free of trash however the toilet speaks otherwise lol

I just knew that the iconic house is in fact a massage area lol
It doesn't feel like Bandung at all!

Inside, they sell many traditional foods with very very cheap price. Traditional Indonesian food is not my thing but my mom and brother really loves it. However we were super full because of all the feast at Sheraton, so we only snacked around a little bit

It's flooded with local tourists but I spotted a few international tourists as well


My brother introduced me to Gemblong!! I decided to get one
My mom was very cautious about what I ate when I was younger so I didnt eat many street food, and I was obedient. My brother on the other side never really listens to her so he eats ANY street food, which resulted that I lack of information about any street snacks lol 

There are some people riding boats as well and once I checked, it's quite pricey lol the cheapest is around 150k for 30 mins for 2 persons?
And besides, it's raining and the cheapest boat seems like it might fall fml I dont freaking want to wet myself so we decided to cancel one

There's a crossover boat which is pretty cheap around 2000 rupiah only but it's raining hard by the time we reached the area so we called it a day


All the greens heal me~

Jauh jauh ke lembang makannya ginian lol

In fact they have so many foods at the floating market but unfortunately our tummy couldnt fill more. However my mom said she liked this better than Thailand's and wouldnt mind to come back in the future to try more foods. Sadly the weather wasnt friendly toward us as it's rainy season in Indonesia so its quite unpredictable


Talking about food making me hungry. My appetite has increased rapidly and I havent been to Japan for so long. Less than 2 weeks I will be going there again and I cant wait to eat more and more delicious foods in Japan. As it's winter, what's better than having Nabe?

One of my favorite cooking channels on Youtube, CookingwithDog just recently featured this cooking video of Nabe!

I really want to try one T_____T

I have been googling information about where to find it in Tokyo but I guess the best way is to visit Akita directly and eat from local shop

Kiritampo Nabe is a famous dish from Akita Perfecture, which is under Tohoku area. For those of you who dont know, Kiritampo is freshly cooked rice that is pounded until it is mashed, and sticked into the skewer like on the picture. Later it's toasted and can be used for nabe, with miso soup, or anything.

Talking about Nabe, Nabe is mostly eaten during winter and each area in Japan has their own specialized Nabe. There's also a nabe specialized for sumo wrestlers called Chanko Nabe. For women there's a high demand about collagen nabe that increases your skin vitality. Most common is Tori Nabe that consists of chicken though

I have never eaten Kiritampo Nabe and I'd love to try one in Japan <3
 For those of you who want to know more about other Tohoku delicacies, please support Taste of Tohoku!

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