Winter is Coming

December 09, 2015

For my next trip to Japan in January with my readers, I have purchased a few coats!

Red and white! You'll be seeing these coats on my next trip a lot XD I love the red especially as it's so elegant and nicely shaped!

Click on here to visit the site
Red White Coat and White Fur Coat

Products are from Shein, they deliver pretty fast to my place, only less than 2 weeks! The website has wide selection of products and the price is affordable, moreover a lot of discounts and promotions going on from time to time. Not to mention the Free Shipping XD

It's been a while since my winter trip, so I am pretty excited! It's also first time for me going on a trip with my readers, it's something new and I hope I can make them happy there ^.^

If you followed me on Instagram, you must also know that I was visiting Singapore as well with my brother. I came for an invitation job but decided to extend to play at USS. Paid for it but it's all worth it
I will be blogging about my Singapore trip soon before I'm leaving for another trip <3

See you guys on my next post!

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