Virgin Visit to USS

December 15, 2015

As I mentioned before I was in Singapore with my brother, it's my first time to visit USS and I was left behind everyone T___T

Everybody has been there but every time I visit Singapore, I had no chance to visit this park. Squeezing the itinerary into my tight deadline, I finally managed to visit it. Resulting, I didnt meet with any friends of mine in Singapore as the only free time is well spent in this park

Bought that 13,5$ Merchandise bottle that I kept mentioning on Instagram LOL
Butthurt much hahaha

Love the mummy area so much!

Watch my Adventure VLOG in Singapore on my Youtube channel? ^.^
I shot it using Fujifilm XE-2 and newly bought Xiao Mi. Wanna get GoPro but I had to allocate the budget to buy another camera -_-" 

If only I cry diamond lol


On another note, I am still doing my healthy lifestyle. I consume a lot of fruits during my snacking time, though I wasn't a snack person. Some fruits that I often eat are bananas, grapes, and of course, apples

Did you know that the best apple from Japan comes from Aomori in Tohoku? It's like when you say the best apple from Indonesia might be from Malang. So you can consider Aomori similar to Malang hehe

On my next trip to Japan, I cant wait to snack fruits in Japan and my choice would be for the real Aomori Apple. Unfortunately I have never seen any Aomori apple in Indonesia, hopefully in the future there would be one that's imported here

Dont forget to support Taste of Tohoku project by liking their facebook fanpage and share the page ^^

Maybe if they're more famous, the Aomori apple will be flown to Indonesia as well and we can taste the flavor of Aomori Apple!

See you guys on my next post!

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