Candy Magic King Size Brown Review

July 19, 2011

GalLover sent me candy magic king size in brown as a review purpose. It has arrived almost a week but I let it soak after I open the cap to make sure its safe to be worn. Candy Magic is one of the best circle lens brand in Japan, the beloved Ageha model, Sakurina, is the model ambassador for this brand. You miss it if you've never heard about it before!


????ageha?egg?Ranzuki?Popteen?egg Beauty 2009?happie nuts?JELLY?BLENDA?Betty?I LOVE MAMA?men's SPIDER?ES POSH?Vanilla

it comes with super pretty and max cute package! all descriptions are in japanese, so its more than enough to tell you that its genuine and freshly imported directly from Japan! so excited!!

it comes with an instruction about the lens itself, such as how to open, the lens description, and how to take care of the lens. but well, its in japanese lol

and here goes the almighty Candy Magic lens~

They sent me the plano one because my right eye is 0,75 and they dont have any stock for prescription less than 1, but well plano is ok la!

Descriptions of Candy Magic King Size

Diameter: 17mm (biggest con lens ever)
Material : HEMA
Thickness: 0.04mm
Water Content: 45%

power: 0~ -10.00� (purple, green only have plano)

Duration: 1 year

Exp : 2014-01-16

see how pretty huge the lens! :O *jawdrops


Here comes the exciting part! Trying on the lens! =D

indoor light

outdoor light

indoor light with flash

another zoom up, indoor light with flash with better lighting


Overall Opinion =


It's more natural than Bambi series, and it blends really nice with my eyes, doesnt give shocking appearance but more doll-ish! HOW CAN THIS BE? And its 17mm, super huge, but seriously, I dont even have any discomfort nor irritation when wearing this lens! While writing the review, I'm still wearing the Candy Magic King Size and I almost forgot that I wear one. Totally recommended!

It gives me huge pretty eyes but its not scary, yet in real life it's much more pretty. You guys will know what I mean if you all have purchased and worn it by yourself la!

I have no bad comment about this lens, its just, AWESOME

I give this lens 9/10!


If you all are interested with this lens, Dont worry since its easy to buy! GalLover ships worldwide and its FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE! They offer a wide range of Authentic Japanese circle lenses to pick! HEAVEN <3

You all may buy it here

or visit the store directly here

Dont forget to use coupon code STELLALEE when make a purchase to receive free animal lens case benefit <3

Until next time, bye loves <3

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  2. What brand of eyeliner do u wear? Is it a liquid or gel? Your eyeliner looks beautiful and blacky black.

  3. These lenses are SUPER cute! You're rocking them hard! Some circle lenses make people look like aliens haha but these ones are awesome <3

    I want circle lenses so badly, but since I have blue eyes the effect wouldn't be the same T-T

  4. yes! its my favorite now! :D it looks super gorgeous!
    why not try this type but in green / blue / grey one? gallover sells all the color of this type! :D

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