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July 18, 2011

One of my most favorite manga EVER, has been adapted into live action! I was really skeptical because its almost unbelievable to make all the boys as gorgeous as the manga, I hoped ikuta toma and mizushima hiro would take part in this live action ): i guess they would perfect portraying the handsome tamaki T_T

but well, whats happened let it happened,

just enjoy this live action =D

Title: Ouran High School Host Club
Also Known As: ???????? / Ouran High School Host Club
Genre: Romance, Drama
Network: TBS
Episodes: TBA
Release Date: 2011-Jul-22 start
Air time (JST): Friday 24:20
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English
Country: Japan


Kawaguchi Haruna as Fujioka Haruhi
Yamamoto Yusuke as Suou Tamaki
Ryusei Ryo as Nekozawa Umehito
Daito Shunsuke as Ootori Kyoya
Nakamura Masaya as Morinozuka Takashi
Chiba Yudai as Haninozuka Mitsukuni
Takagi Shinpei as Hitachiin Hikaru
Takagi Manpei as Hitachiin Kaoru

Production Credits

Original writing (manga): Ouran High School Host Club by Hatori Bisco (?????)
Screenwriter: Ikeda Natsuko (?????)
Chief Producers: Iyoda Hidenori, Sugiyama Tsuyoshi (???)
Producers: Kan Satoshi (??), Tachibana Yasuhito (???)
Directors: Kan Satoshi (??), Sato Atsushi, Shibasaki Hiroki (????)


Download link =




credits : asiancinematic


This episode talks a little about the movie such as behind the scenes, the character, some upcoming clips, and so on. Its not about the first movie but more into introduction to get fans know better about the live action


I used to love Tamaki but then I changed my preference to Hikaru because he's just sooo damnnn cuteeee.. but we all know that the male lead is tamaki so there's no way haruhi will end up with Hikaru -0-) well, I believe Tamaki deserves happiness too though because he's suffered a lot

After I read the last 3 books, I eventually love Tamaki back because of his positiveness <3 he's so pure lol

But somehow the live action upsets me a lot. all of them doesn't represent how elegant and classy the characters in manga. They're not as IKEMEN as what I've thought T_T but maa~ I'll see if their acting can impress me on this live action, I can't wait for eps 1!

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  1. kyaaa... ada live action ouran ^^ , aku suka bgt ma animenya. ga sabar mo nton. btw, aq blum pernah baca manga nya sii....

  2. manganya merupakan salah satu best manga bagiku, graphic artwork dan storynya itu bagus banget :) sayang aku kurang suka sama animenya hehe

  3. Is there a version with subtitles or at least a website with available subtitles I could read?

  4. unfortunately its not available at the moment, perhaps within 1-2months there will be subtitle, please be patient ^^

  5. thank you for uploading in fileserve,mu is blocked in my country,i heard that serendipity fans sub will be providing the hard subs but if your'e in a hurry darksmurf is also subbing this

  6. im not uploading it, i only distribute the link ^^;
    really? will try looking for it! thanks for ur info <3