Taobao Haul

July 30, 2011

Taobao is a China online shopping, similar like Ebay, but the price is of course much cheaper because its dedicated for China citizens. And not everyone can buy from them because mostly they only ship to China address only and the website language is in chinese! =__=

But if you insist buy from there, you can always ask for taobao handler, which means they will buy, check, communicate with the sellers, ship to your address, and so on. You gotta pay for them of course, but the price is still cheaper than if you buy from ebay. Though if you prefer simplicity and flexibility, Taobao may not be for you because its so confusing!

I used a seller from Indonesia to handle my purchase, and they charge me quite high amount if I shall say, but it's still cheaper than retail stores so I'm okay with that. After a month, the package arrives safely at my place and I was super excited !

huge package!

open it excitingly

threw some stuffs on the floor

leopard fur jacket! perfect for gyaru! 8D

saw this a lot on Popteen and Egg magazine! gyaru models wear it a lot on this season!

A lot of Egg Models such as Romihi wear this awesome cap!

fur beret to look like Kumicky and Tsubasa lol

other berets!

saw this on Popteen and Egg!

details of the shirt

my friend's dresses and shoes order

Okay, so here comes the problem.. I exactly ordered 3 other stuffs, which are a high knee lace boots, magic dual fibre, and 3 wigs

The seller mailed me that the boots which are sent by the seller was second hand and asked me whether I still wanted it or not. I asked whether it's damaged or not and she said its ok, its just 2nd, so I said ok la, nobody will know either lol But then, she didnt send it to me! When I complained to her, she said that she had mailed me before that she wouldn't send it coz its damaged, what? when have you done that? i never receive email from you! and you speak differently! But since she doesn't include the price of the boots so I let it go..

Then, I also ordered 3 packs of magic dual fiber, you know, a fiber to make double eyelids lol i wanna have deeper eyelids! but i couldn't find it on my package! Complained, she insisted that she had put it and told me to search it correctly! GEEZ! Its not on anywhere! I then told her that on the big package there's some hole and told her probably it's lost. But she didn't care and said to me to search it better coz she sure had sent it to me. OMG lemme choke her! Doesn't admit her fault is shameless! I paid for about 6USD for 3 packs [cheap i know, coz its china!] but she didn't event mention to refund my money! I was like, ok la, will once again let it go coz i am so nice =_= *cross finger

The last problem is because of the wigs that i Ordered, and this time it has proof. I ordered 3 different wigs from one seller on taobao, one super curly blonde gyaru hair, one shoulder-length bob and one black straight hair. But what came to me were these =

all wigs are in same type! and 2 same color, one different! but WTF la! I DIDN'T ORDER THESE!

I complained about this matter angrily and she said sorry, its her staff's fault. And done! nothing else! o_o I of course asked for refund because it's not my fault la! But she kept denying and said that its not her fault, but instead the taobao's seller fault for sending it. Well, hello?? I paid you to communicate with the seller to not mistaken my order and its not cheap, so this is the service that I got? >___>;

She then told me that I should have read it on the taobao's seller website. And told me that the seller only sells one wig type and all the wigs on the website have been modified! THEN SHE ASKED ME TO GOOGLE TRANSLATE ITAND CHECKED IT BY MYSELF!


If I could goggle translate it, I wouldn't have used your service!

If I could speak chinese, I wouldn't need you to talk to the seller for me!

IF I can buy it by myself, I wouldn't pay you!

The taobao handler's job like hers is to help us to communicate with the seller, and to carefully check if the orders are not mistaken. And she can speak chinese so why she didn't see it and told me beforehand ??!! Why should I be the one to carefully check every orders of mine but still have to pay you? Ridiculous

I kept asking for refund, and I was still nice coz I told her I would still take one, and only refunded 2 wigs, but then she couldn't paid me more than Rp60.000[USD7] for two wigs! HAH!

She then complained that her company was really troubled by this matter, and she had to shut down her business for a moment by her boss command. Asking for my pity? Its not like I care about you, what I care is you can't refund me a fair price. And what's more is she replied me very slow! Like once each day, on the night. And it happened for about 10days? [forget] Then she agreed to pay for Rp200.000 for 3 wigs but still I lost some money and lost the goods. After all, it's just a lost-lost solution for me and win-win solution for her

I then already gave up to complain because she's just too ridiculous to talk to, and its been almost 10 days so I was like tired [is it her plan to delay it so i can give up on my own? ==] and then I simply mailed her that i let her go. And guess what? she never mailed me back even for thank you! gak tau terima kasih banget! >_>

So then, I have 2 abandoned wigs on my place, one is med brown, one is dark brown. And I'm thinking to sell it as long as I get fair price ):

the wig is much cheaper than if you buy it from any store so if any of you, or if you know any friends of you who would like to purchase this wig, please leave me comment here or send me email on

For Indo only please, coz dunno how to export it lol Thanks T____T


After this incident, I decide to not buy from taobao again. I believe there are other reliable taobao handler outside there, perhaps I'm just not lucky enough *shrugs*

I'm too afraid to place another order lol so I guess I will find other cheap online stores that sells gyaru fashion!

p.s = I dont give the information about the seller that handles my order because its not appropriate

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  1. repot ya klo beli online.... mau dijual brp say wig nya?

  2. bisa minta link buat topi sailor nya nggag? =D

  3. Bjunya keren2 :)
    Wignya mw d jual brp?ad contoh pas dipake?
    Emang susa nyari yg jual gyaru stuff d indo-_-#
    Sekali ada mahal bgt T^T

  4. iya hehe :D
    harga wignya sudah kuemail kamu yah :) thanks

  5. aku udah kirim harganya ke gmailmu, cek ya :D

  6. whoaaa, that's a lot! how much did u end up spending?

    there are other middleman websites that are a lot faster than a month, maybe u can try them if u order again?

  7. its not that much, only about 150USD lor
    dunno, too scared to buy one again :(

  8. hm...i've always wondered, what does "lor" mean?

    the site i ordered from once charged a lot for international shipping; I think that's where they made their profit...

  9. Lor (/lɔ́/), also spelled lorh or loh, from Cantonese (囉, lor) , is a casual, sometimes jocular way to assert upon the listener either direct observations or obvious inferences.[82] It also carries a sense of resignation, or alternatively, dismissiveness.[85] that "it happens this way and can't be helped":

    If you don't do the work, then you die lor! – If you don't do the work, then you're dead!
    Kay lor, you go and do what you want. – Fine, go ahead and do what you want.
    Dun have work to do, den go home lor. – If you're done working, you should go home. (What are you waiting for?)
    Ya lor. – ! Used when agreeing with someone
    from wiki :D its basically singlish lol

    150USD is not included shipping too :( i had to pay about 80usd for all the shipping ,ah i see, but i believe they dont make this mistakes?

  10. eee?!?! 80usd for shipping and it took a month?! :O

    i ordered once from a site like this, and they said my pkg weighed 2kg, and I think they overestimated it by farrrr, it was sooo light when I received it...


  11. yes, coz its like 6-7kgs D:
    ah of course all of em cheat, that's why they can gain profit lol

  12. u should know that most of the stuff advertised on taobao are replicas of japan/korea branded items. so they used the real pic of the original stuff instead of the replicas that they sell. So it's probably why the wigs came different. It happened to me once. Bought wigs in really cool layered style (what was in the pictured), what was sent to me was a sadako style wig lol.

  13. i know they sell replica, and i never ask for the authentic one nor expect it. but it's just its totally different. i asked for bob one, but i got the long one. well its complicated, ive mentioned the problem on the post

    what i know is im not gonna purchase from them anymore hahaha