Monday, July 25, 2011

Urban Decay Primer Potion Squeeze Tube Review


Say hello to the new packaging of Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion, which is a new squeeze tube type! Instead of the genie bottle [which unfortunately MAD cute] that requires depotting to get all the products, this squeeze tube allows you to use all the product inside wisely, so no more left over!

Read more if you're interested about this highly-raved product!


the size of UDPP last time was 10ml, but on the new packaging, it contains 11ml of the most famous eyeshadow primer!

of course, the formula is still same, the amazing primer to make your eyeshadow last longer, free creasing, and more vibrant color. But with better packaging and 10% more product!

I finally got my hand of this UDPP a few weeks ago, bought it from an online store coz Urban Decay has no branch here ):

The retail price in USA is 19USD, but I gotta pay for about 26USD for this product *sighs* its really expensive but I believe that it will work well so I decided to own one T____T

Of course this squeeze tube is more hygiene because you dont need to use the genie wand on your eyes, then put it inside the bottle again. I have to say that the squeeze is really nice coz you wont get too much product since it needs a lot of squeeze to get a little primer out. Even though you will say that it's not nice coz you want it to get out much, you dont know that a little bit of this primer can be used on your entire eyes! So I find this hard-squeeze is really nice, because we wont waste the products!



left side = w/o UDPP. Right side = w/ UDPP

I'm shocked and amazed by how UDPP works amazingly on my eyeshadow! The eyeshadow gets more vibrant and pigmented! Seriously I only use a tiny little product then spread it evenly on my wrist, and see how amazing the comparison of before and after O_____O


Pros :

  • Prevent eyeshadow creasing

  • One product can be used for a really long time since we only need a little amount

  • Gives eyeshadow more vibrant color

  • Make eyeshadow last longer

Cons :

  • Hard to find at some countries

  • Quite pricey

Who may not like it :

  • People who dont care about creasing and vibrant eyeshadow [coz they wont want to spend money on product they wont use]

I give this product 7,7/10!

It's definitely a great primer but somehow I feel burden using it coz its really expensive T_T its worth to own a primer, but for me who rarely use eyeshadow on daily basis, its not a must have product

But, How about you? =D


Angels said...

Tanya: kalo buat eyeliner bagus jg ngga? have u tried it? kelopak mata ku oily banget, suka smudge eyelinernya kalo berminyak T__T do you have any tips? ^^

Naomi said...

mmhh... bagus ya, pengen beli tpi mikir2 harganya ^^''

stella lee said...

iya emang lumayan mahal T__T cuman worthed karna itu bisa dipake 2 taon gak habis kali hehe.. dulu niat beli elf primer tapi katanya gak tahan lama, UDPP gak ada yang ngalahin

stella lee said...

aku juga oily banget T__T klo skarang aku pake tipsnya gini --> pake eye primer dulu, pake pencil liner, pake liquid liner, ditimpa eyeshadow hitam =D
lumayan membantu, tapi klo yang bawah tidak terselamatkan karna akunya suka nguap haha,, good luck ^^

CuteZombie said...

mahal banget tapi ya sis... -________-

stella lee said...

namanya juga produk bagus :(

angel said...

Thanks for the tip! :D I'll try your method ^^

stella lee said...

good luck!!! <3

hannaanindhita said...

pengen beli, tapi ga punya duit. haha.. mikir-mikir dulu aaah steel ;p kalo aku ganti nya primer suka pake concealer aja sih..

stella lee said...

haha, klo aku pake concealer kadang2 concealernya malah cakey gitu di mata lol yah produk bagus sii, harus irit2 makenya :b

Myung Ciraulo said...

Lol, so where did my first comment go?

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