Lancome Teint Miracle is coming to Indonesia

July 26, 2011

let's start this post with my self-absorbed picture LOL

guess where I wasss~~~ :D

If you're interested in what I did, please read more!

warning : this post contains a lot of huge photos!

Yeap! I was invited by Lancome for their newly launched Teint Miracle Foundation event, which was held last Saturday at PIM! Teint Miracle Foundation has been sold at other countries and received positive reviews all around the world! It's said that Teint Miracle is the best foundation from Lancome that requires 7 years research to find the best ingredients for this foundation! AMAZING OR NOT!

And yes, now Teint Miracle has come to Indonesia, and so you can purchase it from any department store near your place, such as Sogo, and Seibu!

met other beauty bloggers and not forget to camwhore! its a MUST MUST!

with and

The dresscode was "French Elegance", and all of bloggers came with their elegant clothes. Unfortunately being a teen who never likes elegant style[coz never can pull it off], I never own any elegant dress so I came with my flowery dress instead lol

all the girls of course prepare their make up best! But the event starts at 11am, and I needed 2 hours to reach the place so I did my make up in the car???? ~ ~ ??I put too much attention on my hair lol

but, here comes the truth! The event is a make up class where we learn how to do make up directly from the Lancome's staff by using their products, so we had to remove all of it! O___O


the beauty lounge in PIM's SOGO was changed into a stylish elegant beauty class room!

the lightning is superb!! perfect to learn make up and see our face clearly!

Lancome's perfumes on the go! Their fragrances are so sophisticated!

Lancome provides their superb cleanser products to remove our make up!


So many Lancome products for us to try on! OMG LOVE IT <3 each table with a full set of Lancome's make up is for each blogger!

I wanna shove all the products inside my bagg!!!! >:O


"we're ready to show our bare face!"

had special seat coz I became their model from the demo make up, so my make up will be done by Lanc�me's staff instead!

So sorry, because I had to be the model, I didn't really take pictures as much as I should about the way to apply and the products :(

for your notice, I had breakout because I tried new foundation so some redness and small acne was appearing =A=

I had to put a lot of layer of foundation before to conceal it


Irma and Rona, the staffs from Lancome Indonesia, earnestly and kindly explained about Lancome to us. Both of them are really pretty and gorgeous, very kind to us, and of course, have good skin and nice make up! They really bring Lancome's image nicely to us!

Lancome's logo is rose flower, therefore you shall notice that this rose logo appears on every Lancomes products, such as skincare, fragrances, and make up. Lancome's main branch is in Paris, France, and creates feminine image to the customers. Its a long history brand, introduced to the market since 1935, and owned by L'Oreal since 1964. The name Lancome was inspired by the ruins of a castle, Le Choteau de Lancosme, while the roses in the area inspired the company's symbol of the single golden rose

Lancome has worked with numerous well known actress and models such as Emma Watson, Anne Hathaway, Penelope Cruz, Drew Barrymore, Isabella Rossellini, Arlenis Sosa, Uma Thurman, etc. And now their spokesperson is Julia Robert!

Not forget to mention that the most popular beauty guru from youtube, Michelle Phan, is an official make up artist under Lancome!

You all must have known Kate Middleton, the wife of Prince William. She did her make up on her wedding by herself if you havent heard of it! When I first heard about the brave choice of her, I was really impressed! Because she could hire any make up artist in the world but she decided to do it by herself on her most special day!

And guess what! Kate Middleton reveals her secret about what products she used on her wedding day! Yeap, she used a lot of Lanc�me's products!

Lancome's hypnose mascara and the skincare line, Hydra Zen, became a hot topic all over the world because it really glam up her look!

She also lined her eyes with Lancome's Artliner to make her eyes framed better! Kate looked fresh and natural, nobody says "too much" because its just perfect

And the best part? Kate used the Lancome Teint Miracle Foundation for her wedding day!

Imagine that! :o when the whole world watching you, especially in HD era, you have to look perfect! and her skin max gorgeous thanks to this foundation! so what can I say? And the foundation has come to Indonesia! I'M REALLY EXCITED TO TRY THIS FOUNDATION <3



The first step is to completely remove your make up by cleanser! She used Bi-Facil Eye Make Up Remover to remove my eyeshadow and mascara because eyes are too delicate to be cleansed with Tonique Douceur, and finish it off with Eau Fra�che Douceur to make sure all make up has gone!

here's my bare face after cleansing, as you guys can see that it has some redness on my cheeks and forehead cause by foundation breakout, in real life its more worse!

then put your eye cream first, in here, Lancome Genefique Eye Youth Activating Eye Concentrate was being applied. Apply your eye cream outwards to prevent wrinkle. And use pinky finger because its the best pressure among our fingers! Pour 4-5drops of Genefique Youth Activating Concentrate and spread it evenly on the skin, massage it lightly to make it absorbed well on the skin. Last to make sure the face is ready for make up [if you dont use your skincare before putting make up, your skin will become bad because it has no protection!], put Hydra Zen Neurocalm , a moisturizing cream to soothe your skin, the one which was used by Kate Middleton on her wedding day!

I screamed at the class when I saw my face after products application! Seriously! My redness almost disappear and my skin feels so smooth and silky! I dont lie! I even told the staffs and show the before & after photos and they felt proud and told the whole class! click the image for better view! IDK if you can tell it clearly but seriously im shocked by how fast the products work on my skin!

using nothing unless Lancome's skincare products!

from now on, the make up products will be done half face therefore we can see better view of the result! In here, Lancome UV Expert GN Shield works as a base and sunblock! With SPF50 PA+++ with UVA PPD, Gotta say that your skin will be protected from all the harmful effects caused by sunshine! Use proper sunblock everyday to prevent wrinkles and dark spots! Its a must!

after put the UV Base on the left [right side of my face, but left on the picture]

Then its time to put your foundation!

Tips to find perfect foundation shade for your skintone from Lanc�me, is to put some on your cheek, and see if it blends well. if it matches your skin, then its your shade! :D

after foundation application

And of course the foundation of the day is the Lanc�me Teint Miracle, the one that Kate Middleton used on her wedding day

as you guys can see that it really covers my left-redness better and it doesnt look cakey at all! It looks like that I dont wear any foundation, not like any other foundation that will make your face as if you're wearing mask! all the bloggers were like "woooo" "waooo" after they put the foundation because its really amazing, yet our skin still feels smooth and not greasy!

It's suitable for all skin type! Sensitive skin fear not, with 10 years of research and 7 international patents pending, this ultra lightweight formula enriched with soothing rose extract to calm your skin! Oily skin? This foundation is oil free and fragrance free so you can say that it wont bother your skin! How about dry skin? Teint Miracle promises you to give 18 hours hydration to your skin and its already dermatology tested!


my skin was so smooth and i couldnt stop touching it! i never touch my skin when i had foundation on because its just really thick and not smooth at all, but its different <3

Put Effacernes Longue Tenue Concealer on my under eye to conceal dark circles

then add Maqui Loose Powder and Maquicake UV Infinite Everlasting Compact Foundation to make sure the foundation stay still, not forget to add blush to give radiant look. Left side is with make up, right side without make up. I love it so much because it really looks my natural skin but with better complexion! No one can tell that you wear foundation!

put loose powder on your undereye since we're gonna move to eyeshadow application. eyeshadow tends to fall down which will ruin my make up. so add this loose powder and just sweep it afterwards to completely remove the eyeshadow on our face!

Put your eye primer all over your eyelid, or La Touche Pro Seamless Camouflage Concealer to make sure eyeshadow stays long and gives vibrant color

dunno what the staff used on my eye coz I was closing it and let her demo it for other bloggers lol

using Artliner which is super famous to line my eyes, and tightline my lower lashline with brown Le Crayon Khol

Lancome is widely known for their mascara and this is the first time I ever used mascaras that really gives impressive result!

First use oscillation Powerbooster as a mascara base, then add oscillation Water-Resistant.The Oscillation series has button to vibrate the wand so it will make your lashes separated individually and doesn't make it smudged!

finish it off with Hypnose Drama Waterproof for more dramatic look

randomly picked nude lipstick and lipgloss to complete the look. their lipstick is not my favorite but their lipgloss is really moisturizing and gives precise application with bend wand!


Thanks to Lanc�me all of us can be so pretty!

Flawless skin boost up everyone's confidence!

with the gorgeous Ms. Rosa who taught the proper make up! Can you believe she's 32 already? her skin is MAD GORGEOUS and I dont see any flaw at all! Much better and younger than me! When I asked her secret, she said she was using Lanc�me's skincare! :O Merlin's beard!

cant stop camwhoring coz I adore my perfect skin so much that day! *vain*

Lancome is really generous! They gave us a full size of Teint Miracle Foundation which we adores so much! And not to mention give some samples of UV Base, Genefique eye cream, and Genefique youth activating concentrate! Also they provide us a lot of manual books about their product knowledge so we can understand better! I'M LOVING LANCOME!

Their staffs are really nice and kind! They treat us warm-heartedly and answer every questions of us passionately! We can tell that they really care about their customers because they listened our beauty problems and tried solving it as best as they can. All the bloggers were enthusiastically listened to every lesson they received because make up is always to learn something new! We were super happy and we love Lancome!

I will do a review of each products given to me later! I promise =D


Lancome's Teint Miracle is a jewel of LIGHT and TRANSPARENCEY, and ode to boost every woman's AURA. It contains 30ml, and a pump is enough for your entire face. Its available at all Lancome's counter in July 2011 with 4 shades to choose : O-04, PO-045, PO-03, O-03

Price = Rp475.000

84% of women see their complexion regain its natural luminosity

89% of women see a perfect correction with a bare skin sensation

90% of women feel their skin hydrated

94% of women see a result which does not mark

Its tested on over 450 women in France, USA, China, and Japan

In its first launched in Korea, its sold more than 11.000 bottles within a month!

I believe what you pay is what you get, it may be quite expensive but its totally worth! If you dont believe, you can approach Lanc�me's counter and try it by yourself! And if you have any question about this product, you can visit Lancome Indonesia's facebook page� and they will gladly help you!

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