Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Menard One Touch Lipstick Rouge A Levres G35 Rouge Passion Swatch and Review


So, a friend of mom had a holiday to USA and she brought Menard Lipstick as souvenir. Ive never tried any Menard product so I gave it a try

The packaging is classy. Dominated with black and gold color that shouts luxury

She picked Shade G35 Rouge Passion, which we already knew from the packaging that it's a red lipstick :o

And this is the lipstick. The lipstick is on black casing while I saw the lipstick on its website is gold casing. I guess mine is the limited edition one? I have no idea lol dont ask haha..

the lipstick is really light and quite handy. The packaging looks like cigarette for me lol

The most attractive point from this lipstick is the packaging. You need to push up the button to the top to retract the lipstick. So, no worry about lose cap again!

As you open the lipstick, the cap will be automatically opened also. So its really convenient and unique! If you finish applying your lipstick, just pull down the button to lock it again.


One Touch Lip Stick

30 colors
Long Lasting: 3.9 g / .13 OZ.
Sheer: 3.4 g / .11 OZ.
Gloss: 3.4 g / .11 OZ.
Two Tone: 3.3 g / .11 OZ.



I only swiped the lipstick once on my back of hand and it already gave a really nice and pigmented color!



Moisturizing lip colors in MENARD's original patented and unique container. Fast and easy application and touch-ups with one hand. Full luscious colors with a spectacular finish.

As for the price, I've tried looking for it at every websites I can find. Ebay, Cosmenet, sasa, amazon, etc, but I seriously cant find the exact price for it. Some said that its about 23USD, whereas some put the price for 60USD. And of course I cant ask the aunt who gave this lipstick because its really inappropriate.

I find the lipstick is really moisturizing and pigmented! Its not as Creamy as Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte that I adore, but it glides easily on my lips

Even when I dont use lipbalm, my lips looks really healthy and glossy. I find this one is better than MAC lipstick since MAC lipstick tend to dry out my lips. The only upside down is I dont know where I can get it nor the price. If the price is around 23USD, I find its a worth to have one. But I wont spend more than it, especially over 60USD, only for a lipstick

Overall, I'm really happy with this lipstick, And if I have chance and know where its sold, I will have repurchase it again for another shade


jesuslandgurl aka gw said...

It looks like a nice color...I like the way its packaged that is convient because I have lost a cap before lol..thanks for the tip!

stella lee said...

i never really try this kind of red before so i dont think it suits me lol but its a pretty color <3
yes, its convenient for gals who are a bit reckless for losing their lipstick cap lol ^^

kisah legenda kuline said...

yes, its look convenient for mee but too expensive:(
Btw, How to follow your blog? Here is my blog: www.kidungkinanthi.blogspot.com

stella lee said...

despite the price, i think its a good lipstick :)
you can follow my blog by fill your email address on subscription box on my right side bar ^_^ then click sign me up, there will be an activation email from wordpress. and you'll be notified everytime i post a new post =D
ive checked your blog as well ^^

Anonymous said...

Sogo have this brand..

anh pham said...

would you mind letting me know where to buy it ?

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